Rockerchic overcomes temptation!! (who wants teal?)

  1. Well the teal baby cabas came today and (while i do admit that she is purty) I am going to bring her back to NM tomorrow! Yes! I have overcome temptation and am sticking with the rules. I prefer my khaki baby and decided not to keep this double!!
    Does anyone want her? I can have Irena at NM hold her for you if she will...i still haven't become best friends with Irena but I am trying like heck!!:p
  2. That is so sweet Rockerchic!
  3. good for you! i'm impressed that you're sticking to your rules! stay strong.

    hope some PFer gets it!
  4. Snagged by a quick PFer!
  5. Whew, wow, I'm proud of you. I'm not sure I could give the teal up if I were you.:sweatdrop:
  6. awww i just PMd you about it too =(
  7. Go rockerchic!

    I loves mine...
  9. Good for you Rockerchic! Now you can concentrate on the upcoming '07 Spring bags! LOL
  10. wow! you have much will power b/c the teal is fab. Congrats to the girl that snagged it.
  11. I am v. impressed with willpower you have...and I do not have, lol - didn't see this in time:sad: or I would have been all over that bag! I don't know where this overwhelming need to own a baby cabas came from, but now I'm even peeking at the marked up way over retail ones, which I never do for anything. This Chanel bug is sneaky.:sneaky:
  12. I wannnnnnnnnnnnnnnt it :smile:
  13. sorry sweetie!! grab one of the black ones! my pm box got filled to the top--sorry if I missed your pm!