Rocker Chic Clothing

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  1. Hey all,

    I've been recently obsessed with rocker chic styling and clothing - any suggestions as to where to get my next fix? hehe :smile:

    Thanks guys!
  2. All Saints definitely has a rocker chic feel, I love that store.
  3. Some Alice and Olivia too. I got a pair of killer leather skinny/point pants from them that is super rocker chic. Also jefrey Campbell fall bootie collection is definitely rocker chic if you are looking for shoe options.
  4. Rick Owens:heart:
  5. Zadig & Voltaire for French urban rocker chic style.
  6. Hmm I mix and match love acne but also Maje shure Z&V dear there are so many ...
  7. I don't really go by brands but just individual items. I think you just need to build up a wardrobe with essential items like leather leggings jackets and skirts, ripped tees, slogan tanks, killer heels, etc...

    I have some great items from everywhere from H&M, Topshop, Alexander wang, Republic, ASOS, LNA, Miss selfridge, New look, River island, American apparel, ETC...

    Just shop around and see what you can find :biggrin:
  8. Rick Owens or Rick Owens Lilies offers a gothic rocker look. :tup:
  9. I personally think it's mostly about the attitude... ;)

    I buy alot of Joe's The T Shirts... skinny jeans... I've been known to kick around in my Doc Martin boots that are now closing in on 14 years young... :smile: Don't be afraid to hit up some vintage shops either. You know, mix and match, edgy with trendy with basic with old with new...

    Who are some examples of the style you love? Cause if you say Kat Von Dee vs. Taylor Momsen it's a big difference! :biggrin:
  10. Forgot to add Ben Sherman... fun stuff, not a whole lots of $ so you can play around with the look a bit.
  11. Thanks guys! I'm into the whole Kate Moss style - and a little bit of Taylor Momsen but less over the top. Keep the suggestions coming i'm loving them :smile: