Rocker and Me in NYC! Can you join on Oct 17?

  1. I am coming to New York with DH for a trip in October. On October 17 he has to spend the whole of the day working and so the gorgeous RC has offered to come and meet me for lunch and some shopping!

    Is anyone else free that day/evening? It would be great to meet you! VIP cards for the pink pussycat not essential, but always welcome.....!
  2. I can definitely meet up with you guys for drinks and/or dinner!
  3. eek! I have to take my son to the eye doctore in Westchester that day. Are you also around on the 16th or 18th? I will be in the city all day one of those two days...
  4. i can probably do dinner on the 17th....
  5. I won't be able to stay for dinner but maybe we could overlap for a drink! ;)
  6. Wish I could! I'll be in the state but, up near Albany! Sorry! Have fun without me! And get into lots of trouble!
  7. Sounds good! Unless something unusual comes up, I usually leave around 5:30. And I may be able to sneak out a little early that day :graucho:
  8. Oh, I am so sorry to miss you -- I will be in NYC a month from then, in Nov.
    Have a great time!
  9. October 17th is my b-day, I'm available for something.
  10. What time you guys meeting?? and where?
  11. Hurrah! This is going to be great! Well, assuming hlfinn has made it through her withdrawal it will be!

    Um, no plans yet. If RC and I (and anyone else?) are spending the day shopping, where would we meet for dinner? Please dont ask me to suggest, I can only guess from a guide book and you will all roll your eyes! sigh, tourists.....
  12. Elise -- PM me where you're staying and I'll help figure out dinner plans. Of course I'm assuming you'll have loads of orange boxes and bags you'll want to drop off at the hotel first :graucho:
  13. my withdrawl?
  14. ^^^From Diet Coke!
  15. Ohhhh...I was so confused for a sec :upsidedown: