Rock your black epi speedy for me.

  1. I'm thinking about getting a black epi speedy. I suddenly love black and i don't have any black bags. I can't seem to find many pictures so if you want to post yourself wearing it please do
  2. I don't have a pic of me carrying the bag, but here's one of my dog sitting next to it. It's the 30. It seems bigger than my Damier or Mini Lin though.
    Bild 023.jpg
  3. Black speedy is my next purchase!:nuts: Have to wait a little bit tho, cause I just bought my bedford and cerises speedy. My bag fund is low.:crybaby:
  4. great picture! every pic is welcome
  5. i love yor bedford with that hermes twilly !!
  6. Here's mine! This was my first LV! She turned 1 year last month!!! :nuts:

    I apologize for the blurry pic of me with the bag.
    Epi speedy 1.1.JPG Epi speedy 2.1.JPG speedy with initials.1.JPG me with LV.jpg two LV sisters.1.JPG
  7. Ooo! Pretty bags everyone!
  8. Black speedy is a classic bag and I love the speedy as you can use it for work everyday.
  9. I must be the only one who isn't a fan of the black epi speedy. I had one and sold it. I said I'd never get anymore epi but I am dying for a red passy
  10. Love the black epi speedy. I think its a classic too. I love the speedy in Mandarin too...
  11. ^Wow... :heart: yours likeafeather77!

  12. may is ask why you got divorced? ;)
  13. Sorry is this a 30 or 25 ?