Rock (Toby) Lobster!!

  1. Enjoy... :nuts::lol:

  2. I LOVE it!!!:nuts::lol::love:
  3. :lol: That's great!! He's looks adorable :love:
  4. That is soooooo adorable!!!!! He looks so cute! Love it!:love:
  5. Sooo cute!
  6. Ahh!!! He looks SO cute! I'm in love!!! :love:

    My Toby would kill me if I tried to put any costume on him. He hates to wear anything!
  7. awww, funny in a cute way!! :love: :lol:
  8. Toby to jenarae: Look how pathetic I look in this getup! At least give me a fierce costume, like a SHARK or something. A LOBSTER????? I know you think it's cute, but please, please.... Give me back my DIGNITY!

    jenarae, he's toooooo cute!!!!
  9. Aww he is so cute! I love his costume. I think I remember reading on some other thread that he is a pug/terrier mix? He looks so much like a pug but has longer hairs on his feet. Such a handsome little guy.

  10. lol...i know, i know but i had to it was perfect...we played rock lobster all night for him! :lol:

  11. Yup! He's a pug/terrier...actually he grows pretty lengthy hair all around he just gets haircuts. :tup: But he's more pug anyway like 75% and 25% terrier.
  12. Omg he is SO cute!
  13. That dog is plotting your death...just kidding. So cute, did he go out last night?
  14. soooooooooo adorable, I wish I could dress my dog up like that but he's 100 lbs and definately too big
  15. Thats so funny and cute! I love the setup, thats something I would do! And SO would stand by me watching and looking at me like I was crazy! lmao