Rock the Cradle on MTV


Feb 4, 2008
so has anyone seen the commercials for this show? it's one of those "finding the next superstar" shows but with children of once famous, now faded musical artists. i don't even know who half the supposed famous artist parents are. these celebrity kids seriously need to just learn how to make their own career. if you want to be a star go make demos and bring them to record labels and get rejected like every other aspiring artist. they shouldn't get special treatment for being the child of some obscure recording artist that once had a popular single. JMO.

sorry about the rant.


New Member
Apr 1, 2008
I'm actually working with MTV to promote the show and I think most of the performers on the show are doing just that- they are using the show as a platform to launch their own careers. It's always going to be difficult to get out from under a famous parent's shadow, so competing on the show could be an opportunity for them to gain notoriety as artists on their own terms. Do you guys think any of the performers on the show stand out and have real star potential?

Rock the Cradle Premieres Thursday, April 3rd 10/9c


Mar 8, 2006
Why isn't Rod Stewart's son Sean on? The Snyder son is the hottest looking, Chloe's lips detract from her voice so all she needs to do is wear a very light pink color instead of that horrible dark ruby red, the Loggins son was so boring just standing at the mike singing,yawn! Of course the blonde daughter Walsh is the favorite because of her looks first IMO. Personally, I'm hoping Eddie Money's daughter makes it.