Rock Star: Supernova?

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  1. Anbody watching....?

    I think they (the band) want a girl to win, but a really good male singer still might get it...

    Love, the Lukas guy he is so full of himself!
  2. 00o0o, i watched the FIRST episode on thursday night... 0o00o i really enjoyed it! I have to watch it again tonight to see who gets kicked off!!! 0o0o000o0o... i'm addicated to TV and to the PF! hehehehe... life is perfect!
  3. I love your enthsusiasm!:P So what do you think of the one kicked off? Right or wrong choice? Who do you think is the favorite? Who's your's? I like Lukas and Dilana (sp?) I feel bad for Matt, I think Chris should have gone home. No stage presence!
  4. I'm watching too! I loved Rockstar: INXS (I'm listening to songs from the show right now as I type) and hope this one will be just as good. I am also like Lukas and Dilana is crazy fun to watch. I didn't expect Matt to go, but when he said Duran Duran was his "save yourself" song choice, I just knew that was it for him. You simply can't ignore the bands beat-them-over-the-head advice on how important song choice is.
  5. Love this show. Dave Navarro is such a cutie. I don't think they want a girl to head the band. Don't you think it would take away from the macho guys too much?? They wouldn't have as many female groupies.
  6. That's interesting. There was a deejay on radio talking about the show and he was certain they wanted a woman to win based on their glowing praise of the women performers even when some guys who were better got less. I just thought the guys had a hard time saying anything mean to the girls....
  7. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this show!!! I taped it and re-watched it! anyone know where the videos of the first epi are online? I think so far the band has made good choices of who to kick off! Matt was too soft! and so was Chris! They obviously want someone who can really do hard rock! they want attitude and full on energy out there!

    I think having a hot chick at the front of Supernova would f-ing rock! I'm all about more girls in rock! hell yeah! But I gotta say... Lukas is my fave. I'm in love with him when he is out there on stage. There is just something about him, gives me goosebumps. His off-stage personality needs some serious PR training, but I dont care! I like how honest and kinda *****y he is... and I love the makeup! Total Lukas fan here!

    I was joking with my mom that the band might want to have a chick front the band just so they have a fine ass to look at on the tour bus. Well, we'll see!

    Who is the girl with the pigtails? I think her, the aussie guy, devandra, the blonde pam-look-a-like and Lukas will be in the top 5... The other people havent impressed me much! and I hate that Zaydra girl- she has such a holier-than-thou attitude... she didnt even clap for some of the people, just made some sour puss face.
  8. My pick for the Final Three are:

    1) Dilana

    2) Toby

    3) Lukas

    Who are yours??
  9. 1. Dilana
    2. Lukas
    Those are the only 2 that I like
  10. Ditto!
    So not suprised that Phil got the boot! Suprised he lasted as long as he did. His heart just did not seem into it. Heard he got booted because he was saying he was on the show just to get exposure for his band and the band confronted him on it when they kicked him off. (that part was edited out of the televised version.)
  11. Tommy is clearly distracted by Pam's upcoming marriage to Kid Rock.
  12. ^^^How interesting. I hadn't noticed. I still don't believe it's going to happen. They have been off and on as a couple forever.
  13. I'm expecting Jill to go home tonight. I like her but I don't know if she's right for the band. Her performance last night was too much shouting. Who knows....I bet Zayra will be in the bottom three again, but if they haven't gotten rid of her by now, who knows how long she'll stick around!
  14. ^^^ I can't believe Z was not in the bottom 3. People must want her around for entertainment value.
  15. I can't wait until the show tonight!