rock star balenciagas

  1. ok so i just got my balenciaga weekender and i know the history a the motorcycle bags, and i like when they are just that rockstar & urban. so i want some idea on how to do that. ya know rock it out skull charms extra tassel any thing that would make my weekender more egdey ! :rochard::rochard::rochard:
    share some idea ,show picz, examples of your rockstar

    p.s. remember MANBAG :yes:
  2. i personally think them skull charms won't help much :p you could attach a Hello Kitty charm and i'd think that's still rather :supacool:

    maybe it's in the 'tude, dude?! :jammin:
  3. LOL!! .... i go back and fourth with a skull one AND a hello kitty one! i guess it depends if i'm feeling naughty or nice.
  4. The whole design of these bags is rebel rockstar, IMO. Just carrying the bag itself shows the fabulosity of the person. As far as charms...there are several threads here on that very subject, tons of pics there. Not sure if any of them fit the bill of the MANbag, though. *L*
  5. I think it looks most rock star when worn with the outer zipper open and the whole bag unzipped (gives the bag a carefree slouch). Attaching the mirror by its tassel to one of the handles and either letting it dangle, or tucking it into the front pocket gives you more 'stuff' hanging off it. I think charms and such could defeat the whole 'manbag' theme! I saw the pics of your gorgeous weekender, and it already looks SO rockstar - really distressed and a rich vintage-y looking colour!
  6. OR you could do this to it:
  7. kidding :smile:
  8. I don't know who that girl in the pic is, but I HATE her. *LOL* She better wear a mask...legions of bbag loyalists would be after her for what she did to that bag. Tsk, tsk.