Rock & Republic Sample Sale

  1. Come join in the annual Rock & Republic fall and winter sample sale. Find items for men, women, and kids, including jeans, tops, outerwear, cashmere, and accessories. Perfect for the upcoming holidays! All pieces will be priced below wholesale. Prices range from $10-150, and are 50%-80% retail prices. You can’t beat prices like this!

    11/17-11/18 :10AM-5PM
    10202 W. Washington Blvd.
    Sony Studios, Stage 9
    Culver City, CA 90232
    Cash / Charge

    i'm so excited! :yahoo:
  2. ahh I wish I could go!!
  3. it's definitely worth going. Got a crapload last year. Found an amazing one of a kind leather jacket for $80!
  4. ah i wish i could go!
    are there gonna be any in norcal?
    how did you find out about this?
    as you can see, i'm new :smile:
  5. wow this is definitely on my calendar. this place is super close to my apt too! score!
  6. wish it was in nyc
  7. Does anyone who attended last year remember how much the jeans went for?
  8. Ooh this looks really exciting, I'm definitely going!!
  9. I'm jealous right now.
  10. i think they were $70-120.

    anyone/everyone, if you are close or can make the drive & like rock & republic, you should definetly go. last year, people got some great one of a kind items. but, be prepared to wait in line, especially if you go in the morning on the first day the wait is like a few hours then.

    the only 2 official r&r sample sales have been in socal i believe. so don't expect them anywhere else.
  11. there was also one in canada
  12. I'll Definitely Go.. Thanks.
  13. OMG!!!! Thanks for the post.... I can't wait to go!
  14. thanks so much for the info!!! i'm definitely going! it's four minutes from my house! wheeee! see you all there!
  15. I only wish sample sales were held closer to where I live:smile:

    R&R jeans are my favorite!