Rock & Republic sale?

  1. Hi, does any of you have an idea where to get rock & republic jeans in sz 23? I am a very tiny girl:crybaby: and hard to find my size. So you know where I can try? and it would be better if you can find me sale ones:p!! Thanks heaps!
  2. Nordstrom had some on sale for the half-yearly sale. You may want to start there.
  3. you just kind of have to look around. the smallest sizes sell out fast and most stores don't get many 23s. eBay is another option. is also a good place to look.
  4. Nordstrom Rack gets in size 23 and 24. They are really stocked right now!
  5. off 5th too has quite a bit of rock and republic. and they very frequently have b1 g 2nd item 50% off.

    here in austin some of the boutiques also send out mailers for 25% off any item.. love those.
  6. I was just at Neiman Marcus Last Call last week and they had a whole stack of Rock and Republic on clearance....all size 23!
  7. You can try Neimans Last Call at the Great Mall of the Bay Area (Milpitas CA). Give 'em a call!:yes:
  8. Thank you all:tup:. I will try to give them a call tmr, see if I can get some deals here!! Love ya'll~:yahoo:
  9. hi Mustlovedogs, which NM Last Call you went to, please advise me?:yes: I will give them a call tmr then!!
  10. sometimes they have denim sample sales with size 23. but i only know of some in new york.
  11. I was wondering which Nordstrom Rack you are talking about? THANKS!

  12. hi everyone. im a newb. and i generally dont post and prolly wont start.

    but i actually work at nm in milpitas and theres tons of rock and republics that are blue stamped at 35% off the already low price of $130ish. most of them are size 23 or 24.

    good luck!
  13. i also picked up a pair yesterday at tjmaxx for $72.. dunno about the authenticity. i hope they are real.
  14. schaumburg or Northbook Illinois
  15. I picked up a pair of skinny R&R at Nordstrom Rack a few days ago for $69... :yahoo: