Rock & Republic @ Rue La La NOW

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  1. The selection and prices are pretty decent :smile: More than 50% off
  2. Off Saks and Neiman Markus Last chance has tons of them too.
  3. everything is basically gone.
    Can't believe i miss the crown for only 119.00 :crybaby: But i still end up buying another pair...
  4. Thanks! I was able to get my daughter a great deal on a pair of jeans and 2 t-shirts. I always get my notifications LATE in the morning. Yet, when the email comes through it says it was sent at 8am. Even now - I haven't seen my notification for the R&R boutique.
  5. Yeah, a lot of the times I get sales notifications AFTER they have already started. What's the point in that? If you don't log on right away all the good stuff is gone!
  6. I had the crowns in my cart, and was browsing for 1min and someone stole them right from my cart! :sad: Probably best, I don't need another pair of jeans at the moment
  7. I'm so upset i missed out on this. Those are crazy prices if you live in Canada because we pay triple. They had 4 or 5 of my most wanted pairs but i saw the email today at noon and everything was already sold out! I'm really upset i didn't get this email sooner or even last night. So depressed now! Its been almost a year or so since the last R&R online sale & i have been waiting forever for this!