Rock & Republic - Orlando

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  1. Hi guys

    Does anyone know which outlets/malls sell R&R?


    Stefy x
  2. I know there is an off Saks and a Neimans Last Call in Orlando. You should call there and ask.
  3. both of those stores carry R&R. off 5th is great if you can wait for their 30% off coupons.
  4. are these located in malls/outlets?
  5. they are. i believe there's an orlando premium outlets. you can find where it is located at
  6. i have been to the premium outlets they didnt have any R&R jeans

    i like the look of mall at milennia and premium outlets, maybe their Saks, macy etc will stock them
  7. Shhh. You can sometimes find them at TJ Maxx/Marshalls.