Rock & Republic Jeans

  1. Hey Ladies.. Hoping you can help me..
    Im loving the VB R&R Jeans... but im farely petite.. about a size 25-26 so bootleg cuts dont look great on me.. im after a straight or skinny leg.. can someone recommend a flattering pair :sos: Thanx.

  2. Victoria's Madrid Crown R&Rs are great if you are looking for a straight leg jeans. The inseam is REALLY long though (I am 5'8" and wear 5" heels and the jeans still look like they do on Vicky in the pic below):
  3. she looks great in them but they look really bootleg at the bottom which makes me look shorter than i am :sad:
    and i did some research on Vogue Australia forums and i think i might be a size 24... apparently its a real PITA trying to find a pair in Australia.. awwww i really need to own these jeans... i also :heart: the cropped jeans with the red crowns... they are TDF
  4. Have you tried eBay? I would offer to pick you up a pair and mail them to you but they are $425.00 Canadian + 14% tax!!!:wtf:
  5. awww ur so sweet :heart:
    im scared to go on ebay... apparently they are mostly fakes :crybaby:
  6. also has a great selection of r&r. there's a "costello" cut that's it skinny legged, pretty nice, comes in a few different washes.
    if you try for ebay for the vb crowns, be extremely careful! 99% are fakes. i've been looking for a pair on ebay for quite some time. smaller sizes are even harder to find.
  7. Definetely too many fakes, you have an easier time finding authenticate Seven for All Mankind on ebay than R&R

  8. Hi you there! I've had the same problem as you, but found a solution in basicly you tell them what to buy in an online store that does not send abroad and they do the shopping for you. I tried them to buy a Botkier at the Botkier sale and the service was awesome! It is not costless - i spent around $40 in fees PLUS the shipping - but the bag arrived in like 4 days from the States to Italy. At least, you could inquire their fares.
    Hope this helps! And thanks to the nice PFer who once wrote on the forum about this service: really very useful!!
  9. I just bought those two pair of jeans!! :heart: :amuse: :biggrin: (via elux too)
  10. how do y'all find the R&R's run? True to size or a size small? 2 sizes small?
  11. My R&R's run true to size. My Citizens jeans are a 27, but they are too big after a couple of hours of wear and that drives me crazy. I can take a 26 in the R&R's because they are REALLY stretchy. And the stretch holds throughout the day. They are the best fitting jeans that I own.
  12. what size are you in other jeans. . . like 2, 4. . .?
  13. I find R&Rs run TTS. I take 28 in J&Co as well as all my other jeans and 28 in R&Rs. I did try size 27 on just to see if I can get away with it but it was too tight (even though it had lycra in it). HTH.:smile:
  14. what size are you in Gap or other jeans that don't size that way? That helps me figure out which size I am.
    I'm usually an 8.