Rock & Republic Jeans Question

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  1. I just bought a pair of R&R Scorpions. I noticed they have spendex in them so how much should I expect them to stretch? One size fits me like a glove but I don't want it to be so big they fall off by the end of the day.

    How much do R&R jeans stretch?
  2. ive found that my R&R's strech slightly but not significantly like True Religions, always buy TR's a size smaller because they most surely will stretch a size. that being said i worked in a denim store with these brands and i found R&R to be the best as far as stretching is concerned throughout the day. if they stretch too much for you, when you wash them you can throw them in the dryer to shrink them back down to size, just be carefule because u dont want them too small!! =)
  3. R&Rs do stretch a little, but not enough to warrant going down a size.
  4. i agree with bellezza2620, buy a size smaller! i don't know HOW many times i've made the mistake of not buying them a size down :sad:
  5. I own a lot of pairs of rocks and i recommend making sure that the fit is snug. As long as you can button them up and they arent painfully uncomfortable where you feel like you will burst. They stretch half to a full size i'd say.
  6. ITA. My rocks stretch about a size especially the older they get.
  7. I have a few pairs of R&R jeans (I think all of mine are a 60/40 blend). They stretch out a bit as you wear them - definitely choose a size that feels snug.
  8. IMO it really depends on the blend. if its a 98/2 blend, its unlikely to stretch out a full size. most of those blends are TTS so I would stick w/ your normal size and what feels comfortable in store. none of my R&R stretch out a full size after I wear them. do you know what specific wash you are interested in?