Rock & Republic and Joe's Jeans sizing

  1. I want these jeans from Rock & Republic but I don't have any experience with how their sizes run. On eluxury, it says that the jeans are 2% spandex and to order 2 sizes down. I've also heard that R&R runs big. What's your experience with their jeans? I'm usually a 27 in designer denim.



    I also want this pair of Joe's Jeans. Nordstrom's says that size 26 is a 4 so I guess I'll get that size. Do Joe's Jeans stretch a lot?

  2. I wear 27 in most designer denim, but I wear 26 in 7FAM, COH, and Joe's. I don't know about R&R. Does that help?
  3. some r&R run 1-2 sizes big, i've never seen that pair or heard of it so i'm not sure on that pair's sizing.
  4. I have 2 pairs of Joe's jeans and they both do stretch during the day. I have a bootcut pair and a cigarette leg pair and they both behave the same way. I am a size 8 and got size 31 due to my curves and they are a little loose by the end of the day but I do wear them to work so I'd rather have them a little relaxed than painted on.

    I just got my R&R Costello's back from the tailor. I got these a size up but I was PMS'ing so who knows. They are a slimmer fit on me than the Joe's but all are fabulous!
  5. I can't say much about the R&Rs but I have one pair of Joe's, the Muse. I'm ususally a size 32 in designer jeans, and I had to go down to a size 31. i wore thema round the house for about an hour and they began to stretch out. Good thing is they don't sag. Hope this helps!
  6. I am 1-2 sizes smaller in Joe's as well! I am usually a 32 or 31, but can wear a 30 with them.
  7. i have a pair of scorpion R&Rs and they fit true to size
  8. Are there certain R&R styles that run bigger than the others?
  9. ^^I'm not sure actually, I wanted a pair of R&R this week..
    For joes jeans I'm a comfortable 24, and I forget I'm wearing them because they stretch and flatter you nicely.
  10. not certain for all styles of R&R, but in my experience, they generally run a bit bigger than other premium denim brands. i usually go one size down.

    i wear size 25 (most styles) for sevens, citizens, chip & pepper, and joe's jeans. of course, it may vary and i always feel like i should try jeans on before buying... which is why i have a hard time purchasing jeans online.
  11. For me, all my R&R are true to size granted they stretch a bit when I wear
  12. its more like certain washes.
  13. i love R&R!!! :nuts:

    Most of the new styles (except the victoria beckham line) fit bigger... at least a size bigger. It's honestly more confusing now since a size 25 may even fit a size 27.

    before i order online, i try them on in the stores first...
  14. Alot of R&R jeans run big, if they recommend you to size down, you probably should.
  15. I'm probably a little late on this thread...I've only tried on one pair of R&R and they were way to big. They were 25's and I'm a true 25.

    I have a couple of Joe's and they run big IMO so I'd order one size down. But then again their sizing of different washes varies, so might be your best bet to try them on IRL if you can.

    Hope this helped :yes: