Rock Medium Paraty with matching purse

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  1. Hi

    I shall try and post photos of my rock paraty with matching paraty purse as soon as I have worked out again what I did last time..
    Most beautiful colour I have ever owned. I did have a paraty in nut previous but sold that on - but I did miss her so I treated myself to the Rock. Most versatile colour I have owned. The calfskin on this bag does not mark, thought I would add that, as I have seen a lot of questions raised regarding the paraty marking easily. This one is this seasons and brought from Selfridges. Stunning colour- I am over the moon. The purse is so pretty as well, I am glad I purchased both together.
  2. Congratulations premiumjohn. I'd love a purse to match my Rock paraty. I may phone around tomorrow. I agree about the colour. It seems to enhance every colour I wear it with.
  3. Can't wait to see!
  4. ooh cant wait to see !