Rock Flap Shoulder Bag

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  1. Hi all I don't post very often but I am excited that I just ordered the rock flap shoulder bag from NM online. I have only seen the pix in the catalog so I am excited to see it IRL. I am not so sure I will love the patent leather though. I will try to post pix when I get it. Oh and BTW if anyone has pix of this bag and or knows the dimensions please let me know. It did not give dimensions in the description. Thanks :idea:
  2. I can't wait to see it! I'm seriously considering grabbing one during the Saks EGC event. Congrats!
  3. FYI it is not patent leather, the bag is vinyl, there were 3 different sizes with the medium size being the most popular ($1695 I think). Chanelboy posted a thread about the different sizes in this forum.
  4. Thanks for the info I'll have to check it out. Mine was 1195 so I'm guessing it might be the smaller one.;)
  5. There is a picture of the med in the bergdorf cat.-great size