Rock Climbing

  1. with search disabled i might just end up being a posting fiend (im' also a little bored at work)

    does anyone rock climb? i started climbing in september and i try to go twice a week (although i am desperate to throw a 3rd day into the mix somehow) and although i only cilmb indoors right now (trying to get my skill level up before i attempt outdoors because it is much harder!), i love it! it's such a full body workout, arms, legs, core and it also gives me a good mental exercise and zen state because i have to focus so completely on my climb and my body positioning. after only about a month i started to see definition in my arms and thighs, my body is tightening and i actually am enjoying myself.

    i love yoga and ballet and so climbing is a gritty workout and it is a little weird for me since it is rather out of character...but my sister is a climbing nut and talked about it so much that i ended up trying it out and becoming hooked! i feel like i get the same yoga zen brain buzz from climbing which makes me happy because that mental fortitude gets me through the week!

    okay i am done babbling. but if anyone ever wants to come climbing in london...give me a shout :smile: