Rock & Chain

  1. I was told ..Rock & chain flap comes in 2 sizes...& that all were sold out in Europe (Paris) & US???
    Is it true,the rock & chain is so popular??
    Just wondering (any1 in Paris...can help)whether the Rock & Chain..bigger size/reddish brown/burgundy is available there??:p If not, how abt black colours??
  2. The rock and chain flap comes in a small size and a large size. They are not all sold out (in the US, don't know about abroad)- you just have to call around to find one as some stores/boutiques may have them all reserved for those waitlisted or sold out.

    Good luck with your search!
  3. Not sure about the black ones, but in Hong Kong they have the red and white flaps (small) on display. I'd try the US first and if you need me to ask to see if Hong Kong ships internationally, let me know.
  4. I have seen both the large and small at NM. Call arouund and you should be able to find one :smile:
  5. Thks girl..for yr replies...I'm eyeing on a ivory colour (big size)..I was hoping some1 in Paris...can help that my brother can help ..when he travels there at the end of the month..
    My DH didn't manage to get me 1 in Seattle..last week...sigh..