Rock & Chain Hobo, Timeless Tote, Denim Coco Cabas, and Charms Clutch

  1. A ton of new shippment came in Neiman Marcus in San Francisco today. We are also doing double incircle points tommorrow, Friday, and Saturday for NM accounts holders

    Denim Coco Cabas $1295

    Timeless Classic Grand Shopping Tote $1750
    Black Caviar with silver hardware
    Black Caviar with gold hardware
    White Caviar with silver hardware


    Chanel Lambskin Clutch with charms


    Chanel Timeless Tote Red Caviar with new silver chain


    Chanel Medium Classic in Lambskin
    Rust with light gold hardware
    Light blue with silver hardware


    Chanel Soft Handle

  2. oh much cute stuff!!

    how much is the light blue with silver hardware?
  3. How much is the red timeless tote and is the red a true red or more of a brick red?
  4. Your title says "Rock & Chain Hobo" -- did you get it in, how much is it, how big is it and are there any modeling pictures?

    Thank you!!! :yes:
  5. Oops! How did I forget to post that picture. It's the small one. I forgot to write down the price and I don't have any modeling pictures today. I won't have any until tommorrow night.

  6. I will post prices when I get back to work tommorrow. :yes:
  7. Hi Xochrisse

    Thks for the wonderful pictures

    I luv the 4th pic & the last pic
    can I hve the code/style no??

    As for the last pic... any other sizes???
  8. Will you be workign on Friday, Christine? I would like to come by for a purchase.. I've worked with other SAs there before but.. honestly, they have not been too friendly. Maybe because I am uber young looking. Well.. that and I AM pretty young (19).
  9. Oh and do you have any pink PSTs left? THanks!
  10. are people still on waiting lists for the denim cabas?
  11. Hey joie, I'm working on Friday. Come on by and let's see if we can find you something you like. I don't believe we have the pink PST left but I will double check and let you know.

    No SA should judge you by your age. I'm actually the baby of the department so we might work well together. ;)
  12. how much is the Chanel Medium Classic in Lambskin in baby blue ?
  13. ^ how come I have not seen you there..or maybe I have and didnt pay attention. I was there 3-4x this last week and delt with natasha, pauline, peggy and the manager. hes a kickass guy..he talked to me for a good 30mins about EVERYTHING....Ohmygosh we had fun talking..and im young too..24..I have never had a problem with anyone at NM SF!
  14. ^im not sure. I'm always right next to dior. If you usually head straight into chanel and only stay there, then I might not get a chance to meet you. But I'm not sure who natasha is, therea no natasha in my department.maybe I will meet you the next time you come in. :smile:
  15. Thanks for the information. Great bags.