Rock and Republics at Costco online

  1. Just went online to Costco. I saw Rock and Republics, Citizens, and AG. I've even bought 2 pair of True Religions at the store. They are significantly cheaper at Costco.
  2. They have some cute Antik jeans. Its been a while since I've been into the hellhole that is Costco. Sorry, I just can't deal with the parking, lines and tons of people. But do they really sell premium jeans at the stores?
  3. ^^^ I've seen 3 different styles of True Religions.
  4. I've only see James jeans at Costco... will have to check online!
  5. Which Costco location had the True Religion jeans? Did they have a good selection?
  6. I was too late. No more rock and republics:crybaby:.
  7. There are lots of Rock and Republics at all three Filene's Basememnt locations in NYC.
  8. I sure wish the Costcos in Canada got decent clothes once in a while...
  9. I've seen true religion and james jeans in raleigh and true religion in san antonio near 281 north. good luck!
  10. Was at Costco in Minneapolis today... Spent lots of $$'s but could not find any designer jeans:sad:
  11. Filene's Basement in NYC should definately look into getting Men's Rock & Republic jeans! =]
  12. No kidding! I love their food, but their nasty CK jeans with the terrible washes really need to go!
  13. ^Or, my personal favourite...the Santana Jeans. Seriously, can't we be fashionable up here too???
  14. only Antik jeans are left. No more R&R or TR jeans
  15. There's COH on their website if you're a 29 or 31 (tries to have restraint)