Rock and Republic Victoria B.

  1. where can I find authentic Rock and Republic Victoria Beckham jeans? I've seen some at Sara's Touch online but they are really discounted so I'm afraid they might be fake.
  2. Definitely do not buy from Sara's touch. They're definitely fake.

    The only place that sells VB jeans online is and eluxury.
  3. Your best bet would be to find reputable denim sellers on eBay (i.e honestforum & authenticforum members). There are lots more variety and sizing there for crowns especially.
  4. i was looking for some info too. thanks for those ^
  5. How does the sizing run?
  6. Typically true to size or sometimes slightly big. Unfortunately R&Rs have the tendency to be all over the place with their sizing; best bet is to try it on in a store (if possible) and then search for a cheaper pair online.
  7. Thanks for the info. :yes:
  8. lately the discount stores have been getting lots of R&R including crowns so i would check stores like Off5th, Nordstrom rack and tjmaxx. tjmaxx had the crowns for 60 bucks. you cant beat that!
  9. I am a 27/28 in 7FAM but crowns don't fit me at all. Some cuts are waaay low rise, others were fine on the hip but huge waist and others had wonky sizing. Needless to say, I have not found a pair that fits me. :crybaby:
  10. I found a pair at TJMAXX for $70.
  11. holy **** i gotta start scoring tjmaxx!!!
  12. wow -- tj max?
  13. Yeah, Saks Off 5th and TJ Maxx have them now.

    I got mine on eBay. I tried on a pair of Yellow crowns in 26 and they fit me perectly in the store. I went to eBay and bought the same cut and size in blue crowns instead of yellow. In these jeans the rear is too big. Luckily I can fix it sort of with a belt but R&R really are inconsistent in sizing.

    I bought mine from the seller thejeanjunkies on eBay.
  14. *nod* Saks & TJMaxx have the best prices right now.
  15. i have a pair of crowns in the LA cut with the 70s wash..and i'm usually at 28 in 7FAM and the crowns are a little snug. (which is probably why i've only worn them once :-/