Rock and Republic scorpion jeans, what size to order?

  1. I want to order a pair of R&R scorpion jeans in the color aphrodite, but I don't know what size to order. I wear 24-25 in sevens and 25 in citizens. What do you all think?
  2. R&R sizing is ALL OVER THE PLACE:s and they do stretch a little depending on the wash. I say go for the 24s. Can you return them if they don't fit ??

    I did that with Raw Clothing. Ordered the smaller size with the intention of returning them for the next size up if they didn't fit. They did, so I didn't have to return them:smile:
  3. i also say go with the 24. i've noticed that most premium denim will stretch a bit over time.
  4. Funny that you posted this - I had the same exact issue when I bought the R&R Scorpian in trick -I'm usually a 24-25 in sevens, so I went with a 24... When I got them, they fit, but really tight in the thigh area - not that comfortable... Also, R&R has a really different fabric then Sevens - you'll notice immediately (seven has the polyurethane that makes the denim thicker and sturdy - which R&R doesn't have)...

    I would recommend the 25 if you're going to buy the R&Rs.. Good luck!