Rock and Republic R's across my backside

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  1. I did a search for this and found nothing, so hope I am not being repetitive. Anyway, I basically HAVE to wear Rock and Republics because of my "endless" legs, but I am getting sick and tired of the fact that most of their styles have the RRs on the back pockets. Has anyone successfully removed the Rs from their jeans???
  2. Well they are stitched on so I think they would be really hard, if not impossible to remove, and would definitely leave marks if you tried... Some of the styles don't have the R&Rs though, like the ones from their recent "recession collection." Maybe you could wear longer shirts? But I think the Rock and Republic logos look really cool.
  3. The stitching is easy to remove with a seam ripper. It will leave the Rs showing as darker lines on the denim, but it's more subtle. Try it with an old pair and see if you like it. I plan to do this with my R&Rs at some point. I just felt bad about tearing up a pair of jeans new.
  4. True Religion and plain jane doe thanks for your responses. I do wear longer shirts with my RRs but sometimes I want to wear a shorter shirt and I don't want to have to resort to a different pair of jeans for that. I am trying to just keep a couple pairs of perfect jeans. I'll definitely try removing the stitching on an older pair with a "seam ripper"--I'll have to google that and find it first though. :smile:
  5. Not that this helps you remove the Rs, but if you check the 7FAM website they have "long" length jeans that you might fit into
  6. Sorry I cant really help, but perhaps try another brand..hope you dont mind me tall are you?
  7. Plr16 7FAM has one pair of Xlong jeans available their bootcut Mercer and I have owned these since last year. Also, I don't find their washes dark enough. Maybe beggars shouldn't be choosers though LOL.

    Noon I'm 5'9.25 but I am all legs. My ex who was 6' had a shorter inseam, less legs, than I do. With flats on I can pull off a 34" inseam but with heels I prefer 36" hence why I love R&Rs.
  8. Attached a pic. These are a couple bucks at any fabric store or Walmart. If you think of the end as looking like a pointing index finger and thumb, you stick the pointy index finger-looking business under one stitch, and cut it with the blade, which is at the webbing between index finger and thumb. Hope that makes sense.

    If you end up trying it, I would love to see a pic!

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  9. i agree with true religion--even if you remove the stitching, the denim underneath the stitching will be darker so the R's will still be there.
  10. It will, but it will be much more subtle. The R&R pockets are pretty loud.
  11. If you look up some of the older styles, they have some different pocket designs. I had some with fleur de lis, there is the "wicked" pocket style, trying to remember what the other pockets are called. Anyway that is an option to check on ebay if you are good at authenticating
  12. I am about the same height as you, and I have to take up a lot of my jeans or I keep them long to wear 3 or 4 inch heels in. If you arent happy with R&Rs Im sure you will be able to find other brands that are long enough.:smile:
  13. I love R&R logos! But alas, to each is own. Rocks have the "scorpion" style with utility pockets and the Rs that are black on black so it's less subtle. Have you tried those? Also, maybe you could try other brands that have subtle logos overall like Paige... they carry a "Talls" specialty denim with 36" inseam.
  14. p.s. i'd kill for longer legs.. i'm only 5'5! :sad:
  15. it may be easier to just ask other tpfers what jeans work for the tall ladies on here. definitely not me, i'm short.. but that would save you time and would probably look better than taking the Rs off.. jmo