Rock and Republic Jeans

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  1. I'm thinking of getting a pair of R&R. I like to ask you ladies here which are your fav design and do they stretch out easily?
  2. what are you looking for in a pair? low rise? dark? light? yes, r&r stretches a lot. some more than others. i have 21 pairs so it's hard to pic a fave, maybe london pink crystal crowns or my agent studded kiedis.
  3. you do know those true religion jeans are fake, right?
  4. I love R&R. I have 2 pair now and love them. They do stretch a good amount. Most are low-riding. I love the darker washes. I think you won't go wrong with most of those. The only cut I didn't like was the Berlin cut since it is such a skinny jean.

    P.S. Yes, the True Religion above are fake.
  5. R&R stretch. When I purchased mine they were tight on the waist,but after 2 wearings they streched. Now the waist fits nice.
  6. I personally don't like R&R in comparison to other designer jeans. I've had several pairs rip, as they are notoriously known to do. The only pair that I wear now are my Jaggers.
  7. my fav are my kiedis gold signatures. good luck :smile:.
  8. I'm not a fan of RR either.. the quality is lacking and the fit isn't exactly spectacular by any means. I've owned several pairs and just sold almost all of them because I wasn't impressed. I love my Paiges, SFAM, and COH way more than RR.
  9. I love them. I have two pair. Not sure of the color or style. Joes and RR fit best on me. RR do stretch a lot so you may want to get a size smaller.
  10. I like R&R the best so far because the thighs are cut slimmer than the other brands I've found (though I'm not an expert at all, I hardly ever wear jeans).

    I have Kiedis and Jagger cuts. There was another one, stretch jean that seemed cut slimmer than those (which, incidentally, are still too big in the hip for me). Don't know what that one's called.
  11. I love R&R jeans. I'm really short, (I no R&R's meant for/is supposed to look better on tall girls.) but R&R is my fav. brand for jeans. They fit perfectly in the waist. I love the Kingdom Roth jeans. I have a pair with pink stitching, and I have a pair of R&R's with colorful rainbows on the back pockets. Luv.
  12. so R&R have bad quality?
  13. R&Rs have cute designs but are famous for ripping and tearing, even after only a few uses. I still have a pair of Scorpions but I personally sold the rest of my collection because their denim is so thin.
  14. I would give them an 8/10, with 1 being "no way in hell is that going anywhere near my body", and 10 being "you are going to have to surgically remove these from me because I wear them so much".

    Like other posters have mentioned, they do not tend to age as well as some other brands. Also, is it just me, or are they not as soft against the body as some other jeans? Gorgeous denim, though: their beautiful washes are usually matched by no others, and I can pretty much spot a pair of R&R jeans without having to look at the person's backside. My advice is to buy them from a website like or where you can use a coupon code to get a discount so you don't have to pay retail price for a pair of jeans that you may or may not grow to hate. I paid full price ($258 + tax + $18 for original hem alteration) for my Hydrogen Wash Kiedis jeans (sexy, slim bootcut).