Rock and Republic Jeans at Marshalls

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  1. Hey just went to my local Marshalls in NJ and scored a pair of R&R jeans for $50! They are the V Beckham style with pink crowns on the back pockets. They are adorable! I've also picked up pairs of SFAM and Joes jeans in the past at the same store. Digging through the racks is worth it ladies! :wlae:
  2. Wow 50 bucks?? Which Marshalls was it?? I just got them at century for $100!! Did they have small sizes 23 or 24??
  3. It's the one in Egg Harbor Township in South Jersey. That's pretty much all we have down here! I'm a 25 but they did have a couple 24's. One of my girlfriends lives up in Morristown and says she has a good one up there. Not sure exactly what town though.
  4. well thats a helluva find
    you go girl
  5. I saw them at Century too. I am wondering how are they able to sell it so cheap? Are they not making any money on these or the other stores are just making too much from us for selling them at 200?
  6. Haha...I have no idea how those stores are able to make a buck selling them that cheap but I'm not gonna complain! I guess it pretty much evens out the fact that I dropped $200 on another pair of jeans last week! Win some - you lose some.
  7. wow. what a deal! I NEVER ever find deals like that, i have no luck whatsoever haha. Nuts, im gonna go check out marshalls this weekend for sure then! congrats!!
  8. Wow! I only have 1 pair & paid $225 for them. Congrats ona great deal!
  9. I always see designer denim at my marshalls but its always in big sizes!

  10. i've seen mostly SFAM and Joe's at the Marshall's in my area... and occasionally Miss Sixty, Diesel, and Hudson. I should probably check again and see if they've added anything new lately
  11. Lucky!! I really need a pair of those R&Rs!
  12. they also sell 7 for all mankind. I've got a pair of those for 80 bucks.
  13. I never luck out when I try to bargain shop... NEVER. Congrats on the good find!
  14. I'll be checking mine out tomorrow!
  15. wow! What a steal!
    I need to find deals like that...