rock and republic @ costco

  1. Just went to Costco online. Saw Rock and Republic, citizens, and ag. They were significantly cheaper. I've also bought True Religion at the store but they don't have TR in women's online.
  2. true religion at loehmanns as well,
  3. Are you serious! I have got to start shopping @ Costco! Hoping I'll be able to see a Hermes Birkin on their display window some day!
  4. ^There's a thread about a LV Cerises Speedy being sold at Costco in the LV sub-forum.
  5. I love Costco! I feel like everytime I go in I could find a little hidden treasure I wasn't expecting.
  6. OMG! do you know how much they were selling them for?
  7. omg i had no idea they had costco online..thank you so much! my RL costco has none of the stuff online has! i just saw a shisedo product i just bought at lord and taylors for $118... there for $92! gotta go look more!!
  8. My only issue with Costco is that they were, at one time, selling fake bbags online. They were pulled when it was brought to their attention. I'd definately want to make sure the stuff was authentic first. Who knows who the source it and how knowledgeable the Costco buyers are in knowing how to authenitcate designer merchandise?
  9. I also saw True Religions at Costco- but Off 5th (Saks Outlet) is also having a great sale on TR's ( I got a couple pairs for only $85 each :wlae: )
  10. If you ever buy a luxury item hold on to the receipt. They have a great return policy if there is an issue.
  11. They must be sold out, just checked :crybaby: :sad:
  12. whattt thats crazy?! I'll have to check that out!