Rock and Chic

  1. I went up to NYC today to do some 'research' and had a opportunity to play with the Rock and Chic tote. I really liked it, the leather was really soft and lovely. Have any of you seen it? Would love your opinions.......:heart:
  2. how does it look??
  3. Here is a pic of Hill Duff wearing posted in another thread.
  4. I returned mine. I loved everything about this bag - the size, the chain, the hardware and the leather but for me personally, I just didn't like the word "Chanel" printed out in hardware on the flap. If that doesn't bother you, then go for it. The bag is definitely gorgeous!
  5. ^that's the part I don't like. I've fondles a few of them recently and like them pretty well except that part - the big CHANEL printed across it bothers me. Also, they seem a little too shallow, not characteristically speaking, but literally! LOL! The proportion is a little funny, they're shallow/not tall.
  6. I agree, the silver CHANEL puts me off a bit. What I do like though is that it is such a 'light' bag. I am still considering the vintage ligne tote but am a bit concerned about the durability of the leather.
  7. The ones I've senn have the CHANEL logo in the same color as the leather, like on Hilary's bag. I've never seen one w/ CHANEL is silver{?}
  8. Yes, the new one from this season has CHANEL in silver. I saw the one in deep choco brown, very nice.

  9. My SA called the hardware gunmetal - it was not silver. Very pretty hardware though. Makes a pretty contrast for this bag. Goes with the "Rock" theme. One other thing about this bag - the lambskin is going to scratch very easily. It is not as durable as my ultimate soft foldover. I guess it is the finish on it. Even though you can rub out the marks - it was frustrating to me how fast it got marks on it!
  10. It's interesting, when I was at the NM chanel in San Diego, this one lady had tried on the same purse but with the hardware gunmetal "Chanel" and said, "No, I don't like how it says Chanel."

    I personally am not tooo crazy about it as I prefer the double CC logo, instead.
  11. There is an eggplant Rock-chic shoulder bag in the Neiman Marcus Christmas catalog. It looks gorgeous, I personally don't mind that it has Chanel on the flap. I keep thinking I should get it but I am supposed to be on a purse ban.:crybaby:
  12. i would go for the leather on leather but the silver is too much... well gunmetal is colored "dark silver" but the actual metal is gunmetal...swanky & rose were referring to color....

    i like subtle things but the silver on black is too much... something LV or coach would do...
  13. In case anyone is interested here is the eggplant rock and chic from the Neiman Marcus Christmas catalog.
    DSC_0197.jpg DSC_0199.jpg
  14. The eggplant is beautiful, but I'd prefer it with just the CC.
  15. I don't like the "chanel" accross it.