Rock and chain?????

  1. I am sorry I do not know how to post the link to get in to eBay. If someone can do it in a post below-thank you.
    I do not buy off eBay but like to see what is there to get a look at the styles since I am new to Chanel.
    I typed in Chanel Rock and Chain and someone is selling the black rock and chain large hobo. From the picture Jill posted here her bag looks fantastic--but then again Jill looks good with anything....
    So I see the picture on eBay of the Rock and Chain from the back view and it is huge, not a really flattering look to me. I liked the way it slouched on Jill's pictures.
    Can I ask is the bag on Ebay overstuffed or something???? Or is this the way the bag looks when you carry it with just normal things in it? It was not like I expected it to look from the back, I thought it would be more in towards the body with a slouch. Does anyone understand what I am saying???:confused1:
  2. I don't understand I don't think.
    To post a link, go to the webpage you want to link, right click on the address to highlight, while it's highlighted, press CTRL & C at the same time.
    Come back to this thread and post a reply, press down CTRL & V this time to paste the link.

    I'm sure the bag is very stuffed, even Jill commented on how it looks better unstuffed, but filled w/ real items.
  3. ^^ you beat me to it! LOL

    I ordered one too. Yay!

    Yes, i think this one has a bit of stuffing in it. lol
    By Jill's pics it obviously doesn't have to look like this which is why I decided to get it.
  4. wow..That pic is SO NOT GOOD..LOL.......
    It doesnt look anything like that IRL...UGH...That pic makes me shudder!!!!
    The bag is smushy and molds to u more flat..KWIM?
  5. Call Nordstrom. They had it yesterday. I know...I was offered it and passed. Good luck.
  6. The pictures look aweful in that auction. Making me thikn twice about the bag. It's GINORMOUS!!
  7. Thanks for posting the link. I would NEVER ever buy a bag off Ebay..... Since I am new to Chanel and the styles Ebay is a good place to look at the bags. I saw this bag and though it looked pretty bad from the back while Jill's bag rocked...... So I guess maybe the bag on Ebay is stuffed with tissue paper or something, maybe they wanted you to see how huge it is but the look was not a fashion statement. Thanks for letting me know it is not supposed to look like this. I will call around and I am sure I will eventually get one, even if it takes a few months.
  8. Hi I know the Saks in new york has it, try giving them a call I spoke to someone there yesterday and they have black and white Large good luck
  9. I think you could find yourself one sooner than a couple of months. Good luck!
  10. Um. That bag doesn't look too good in that pic. Its better unstuffed because that shape is no where near what it looks like IRL use-unless you are stuffing clothes into it.
  11. I know there was def 5 around yesterday because I went to my Chanel store yesterday and ordered one in black....just call around....I also recommend u try it on if ur not sure because alot of times pictures do not do it justice.....i wasnt crazy about them from pictures but after i went tried it on, i have to say they look AMAZING and its the perfect size! :yes: :p
  12. OMG! how could the seller pic the bag this way? :roflmfao:
    it made the bag sooooo unappealing LOL

  13. ^^lmao!!
  14. is this bag lined in leather?