Rock and Chain RED flap *pics*

  1. Soooo...after seeing some recent pics of the dark silver baby coco cabas...Ive decided to pass on a coco cabas bag yet again and lately Ive found myself falling for the rock and chain flap bags...:rolleyes:

    Something about the chain part just captivated me...similarly to how the lady braid flap ended up going home with me--loved the chain heehee :heart:

    SOOO--upon doing some quick research...I found that Nordstroms had the small size (10 in width-about similar in size to my diamond shine flap bag it seems) in RED!!!

    My SA at Nordstroms Seattle found this...they got in 2 yesterday I think and 1 sold this morning so I snapped up the 2nd one :p

    Here are some pics until it gets here tomorrow


  2. ahhh i cant see the pics!!
  3. BTW--would love to hear everyone's feedback on this:

    This is my current bag collection:
    • Black Cerf Tote with gold CC
    • Black leather reissue 227
    • Black lady braid flap
    • Black medium caviar classic flap with gold hdw
    • Black caviar timeless clutch
    • Navy patent reissue 227 with gold hdw
    • Silver luxury bowler medium
    • Red Diamond shine flap
    • Red lambskin medium classic flap with new chain
    • Pink camelia evening patent leather with classic chain
    WOW I actually remembered that all off the top of my head :sweatdrop:

    Sooo--if you all had to choose in order from 1-5, let me know which you'd pick

    1. Red rock and chain flap (small or large)

    2. Black rock and chain flap (small or large)

    3. Baby Coco Cabas (unless i see otherwise...dark silver is out now...but maybe in black or if another color comes up in Fall)

    4. Dark silver reissue (226 or 227)

    5. Feel free to add a 5...I might have one after I see whats out for Fall 07 :yes:
  4. I can't see pics either!

    I say get a baby coco cabas. You need a big unstructured bag in your collection :biggrin:
  5. man! i can't see pics either. i don't remember what the rock and chain looks like since i've been off tPF for so long either. i'll have to check this thread later so i can vote. right now, i'd say baby coco and then dark silver reissue.
  6. I agree about the structured bag as well. Maybe try getting something unstructured like coco cabas or modern chain tote.
  7. Hmm--I guess you cant EDIT posts once other people have replied?

    Hope these pics work now...sorry about the earlier ones...they showed up for me only I guess :sad:
    Red Rock and Chain flap.jpg Red Rock and Chain flap 2.jpg
  8. Very pretty! congrats!
  9. That is gorgeous!!!!! # 1,3,4,2 thats the order I think hahaha :yes:
  10. Congrats on a fabu bag! I was debating between the red and black flap for the longest time. But I finally choose the black because of the silver hardware, it makes the bag a little less serious and more laid back. The red flap is so elegant.
    My vote would be 2, 3, 1, 4.
  11. Congrats on your new beauty!:yes:
  12. Nice! Congrats!
  13. Oh my that red bag is drool worthy:drool: :drool:
  14. absolutely beautiful bag and the red color is :drool:
  15. that's gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!

    You can't edit after a specific amount of time, can't remember how long?, has nothing to do w/ people responding ;)