rock and chain or expandable flap???

  1. i can't seem to decide! please help!:sad:
  2. expandable flap; what color?
  3. Agreed.
  4. expandable flap
  5. i was thinking black- since i need a nice black bag. what about the expandable flap do you ladies like more than the rock and chain??
  6. No idea. I'm wait listed on both and will have to try them in person to finally decide. :shrugs:

    I wish they would get here, already!
  7. I like the rock & chain flap the best.
  8. expandable!
  9. another vote for the expandable flap!
  10. Tough choice, they are so different, but my vote goes to the expandable as well.
  11. i'm loving the rock and chain :p
  12. Rock and chain :heart: :heart: :heart: