Rock and Chain in Black Caviar $1975

  1. Cruising for Chanel
    A trunk show first for Maxfield

    Friday, February 02, 2007

    Chanel's hobo bag
    Perhaps as a way for Chanel to reconfirm its tremendous West Coast appeal and drum up buzz for Karl Lagerfeld’s upcoming cruise fashion show in the City of Angels this May, Maxfield hosted the French fashion house's first-ever trunk show at its boutique last Friday, launching its Spring 2007 accessories and ready-to-wear simultaneously. While Chanel declined to disclose numbers, a spokeswoman noted that the store, which was mobbed with customers—even Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen made cameos—sold over half of the initial delivery of accessories in just two hours, with a $1,975 rock and chain lambskin hobo being one of the best sellers.
  2. Hmmmm, not sure what I think now. The picture of the white one in the Bazaar March 07 thread....looked so cute!

    Not sure how I feel about the black. Thoughts?
  3. I wonder if I could get it over my shoulder...

    I really like it... but it may be too 'ball' shape for me. I'd have to try it on.
  4. Definitely not for somebody who prefers a structured bag.

    How does the side view compare to a Coco Cabas?
  5. Has anyone seen this up close and personal yet? I already have a smooshy modern chain hobo, that i would this be too close in design?
  6. ok..i SAW IT AND HELD IT IN BLACK..iTS LIKE A SLING BAG irl..not at all LIKE MY CABAS BAG.bUT ITS so hot!!!!

    oops!caps lock is!
  7. i think this bag is sooo cute, would definitely prefer white, but I am slightly baffled by how I'd carry it...i'm not much of a HANDbag person, definitely LOVE shoulderbags though! all in all though, very almost futuristic?
  8. it's a "slingbag", so shoulder works then? YAYYY!
  9. Yes..its a shoulderbag IRL
  10. Lambskin? So it would be rather delicate...what do you think? Thanks, I am such a newbie when it comes to Chanel.The only Chanel I have is the reissue and the distressed leather would seem to able to mask quite a few sins.
  11. is this considered the same as the Madison that is in the Chanel lookbooks?
  12. it comes in 2 sizes, correct? is the smaller one also slingbag?
  13. My "look book" black and white pics (not very clear) show this in 2 sizes (I missed the trunk shows) and the smaller one (in another thread posted here) seems to have a more "squared off" bottom while this looks like more "pure hobo".

    What I wasn't sure is if both could be worn on the shoulder? Looks like the hobo could? Or is the smaller one held on your arm in your hand? Any one?
  14. IMHO it kinda looks like one of those rucksacks that homeless people sling over their shoulder - OK PLEASE DON'T STONE ME!!! :sweatdrop:
  15. stone you - yeah that's why its called "rock" and chain lol - bad bad joke :yahoo: