rock and chain flap.- i'm having a hard time deciding

  1. i have this bag on hold but i'm honestly having a hard time deciding...i haven't seen the bag in real life yet and it looks nice in pictures =T but for some reason it looks kinda shiny in pictures?? what do you all think? i have to tell my SA by tomorrow.....:shrugs:
  2. I bought the bag, but it really isen't me, so i returned it. Its too plain for me. It is shiny and soft thought, but I don't think its worth the money. The chain is cure though.
  3. that's exactly why i wanted it! the chain =T but the hobo wasn't my next choice was the flap..but i don't know...there's something about it that makes me not LOVE the bag....
  4. i say get it! u really cant judge a bag too much by pictures alone u have to try it on. .its fits soo comfortably and the size is great! i really really love the chain and its sooo soft!! i think its a great bag ,IMO! good luck!
  5. The leather does have a sheen IRL- I don't know why this is, but it is soooo very soft! I too am debating getting one- I wonder if the shoulder strap would hurt after awhile....
  6. I bought mine because of the chain which absolutely ROCKS! It does not hurt my shoulder and I get a lot of people asking me about it - the chain is the key!