Rock and Chain flap color question??

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  1. Hmm--was wondering, does the flap come in red?

    And if it does--what kind of red is it...does anyone have one or pics??

    Im trying to plan incase the dark silver coco cabas doesnt work out for me at which point I shall give up on coco cabas and get a rock and chain flap hee :rolleyes:

  2. I saw one at the Chanel Boutique in SF on Saturday. It's a dark red with matte gold hw, it's gorgeous!!
  3. someone mentioned that a TPFer had it and posted modeling pics of it but I cant seem to find it when I ran a search--any help greatly appreciated!!

    thanks :smile:

    would just love to see more pics before enduring the search LOL
  4. Nordie's is the only store in the US that ordered it. Here's a pic:
    The color code is 81643, the same as the new flap.
  5. ohhh thanks aprilvalentine...I meant pics of it on I thought someone told me a TPFer had bought it and posted pics of her own red rock and chain flap bag...