rock and chain bag...

  1. hello! is the rock and chain bag coming out in both smooth and that crocodilish leather???
  2. Yea. I think it's alligator.
  3. ^^sounds expensive:yes:
  4. ohhh i saw nerdphanie's post and i can't wait for this bag to come out! i would love to get my hands on one. :drool:
  5. thank you =O) do you know how much the alligator one is going for??
  6. I vaguely remember around $6500 but I could be wrong.
  7. Does anyone know what the regular is made of and how much it will go for?
  8. I think it's calfskin and $2350. And $6500 sounds low...
  9. Thanks for the info...

    Is this the next Coco Cabas? I'm sure the frenzy has already begun.:hysteric:
  10. ^YEP!I saw it at the trunk show..its TDF!
  11. pictures??? :confused1:
  12. I think this is a picture from the runway...
  13. 6,500 for the Alligator sounds too good to be true for a Chanel. Anyone been able to confirm the price yet?