''Roche Reveal''

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  1. roche is .....well....sort of greyish......sort of greenish.....sort of brownish....sort of a mixture really..... and sort of lovely IMO! really really love this baby!!!

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  2. Aww its lovely! Making me wonder now if i really want to sell my aubergine!!
  3. Congrats and I am glad that you love it !!!!
  4. Aww, cutest Mini Paddy ever. I love the colour - think it'd be very versatile.
  5. I really like your baby Paddy. She is adorable!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: Congrats!!
  6. Just lovely, so cute, and I loev the colour and the silver hardware!
  7. thank you everyone - I do actually think it's a great colour - I really wasn't sure before she arrived - but I think she will actually go with most outfits! really happy - but I haven't confessed to this purchase yet - oops!!!
  8. absolutely love it! what a great color! wear her well :smile:
  9. too beautiful!
  10. Love the colour!
  11. so sweet and lovely, and the colour will match with anything! :yahoo:
  12. great colour - well done
  13. Aw, its so cute, I love baby paddys, fab versatile colour which looks gorgeous with silver hardware, congrats on your new beauty!! :yahoo:
  14. gorgeous colour! It's versatile and suits the cute baby paddy very well. Congrats!:woohoo:
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