Roche Leather - random art fair discovery

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  1. So I just had to share this. I was at an art fair in Bethesda, MD - my hometown. And this booth with beautiful purses caught my eye. Of course I had to go and look and touch and talk to the people running the booth.

    I could not believe how well these purses are made. The artisan himself was there, and told me all about how they make the bags. They buy leather from England and just make it all by hand in his workshop in California.

    So cool, I actually met the person who made my bag. The bag I picked out looks like its made of leather in LV epi style. And it has pockets, lots of them. And no logos - only a tiny inscription the inside of the hardware buckle. And it has leather lining. And it was only $269.

    I brought the bag home and cant stop admiring it. :smile:

    The artisan has a website in case anyone is interested.

    So here are some photos. What do you guys think of my new bag?
    image-582014744.jpg image-627118692.jpg image-179033763.jpg image-474347306.jpg image-3353164596.jpg image-2108236120.jpg
  2. This is gorgeous!! I love the design and how buckle seems to be a part of the bag, like high end designers. The leather looks great too!
  3. I like the way the brand/maker's name is on the inside of the bag.

    Altogether, it looks great, congratulations :tup:
  4. Gorgeous. I wonder how he sources what looks identical to LV Epi leather. I've seen it in Florence (not branded as LV) so I know it exists, but I've never heard of it coming from England.

    In any case, lovely!:smile:
  5. Beautiful! I love the credit card slots.

    It looks like all of the bags are structured and most have an art deco feel. They would make cute evening clutches.
  6. Thank you for your comments. I woke up the next day, and I still love the purse, so it must be a good sign. :P

    jellyv, indeed the "epi" part of the bag looks totally identical to LV epi leather, which I am familiar with. He gets it like that from some tannery/workshop in England, which he talks about it on his website.

    I should have taken a photo of the booth with all bags. Yes, they are all structured, and definitely suitable as evening bags. Yes, NCC1701D, I agree, art deco would be a good way to describe the style.

    I walked past his booth again today, and it was swarmed by ladies buying his bags, so I might not be only one carrying his bag in my town. :biggrin:
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    OMG, I love everything!

    (Off to hang out on his site now.....)

    ETA: OK, I'm in love with the small catalina:

    Help me pick a color? There are 3 pages!

    OP, did you see the quilted pattern IRL? Did it look funny?

    What do you think of the green? I like almost all the colors, but I don't have a green or light tan purse, but the cedar/black combos look awesome, and the red...... :confused1:
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    I am glad you like it, Jesssh!

    I did see the quilted pattern, and it has a patent leather look/feel to it. So if you like patent, you would probably love it. It didn't look funny, but just not quite mu cup of tea.

    His green was beautiful though, very nice shade. Also, did you see the sale section on his site - lots of light color bags?

    Greg (the artisan) is very personable. You can call him and ask for any customizations, pockets, colors, etc.

    You know, in the day of mass production, it's so nice to see an artisan like that, making beautiful things, all by hand, all to please the customers.

    By the way, I saw the Catalina, and it was a darling cute bag. You would definitely be one of a kind in
    your town.

    I am dying to see what you choose, so please check back in. :smile: