Rocco with Rose Gold Hardware

  1. Oooh, Thanks!
  2. The Rose Gold studs is definitely a different look but I don't like it. Alexander Wang is known for not going back to older designs such as the black Rocco with brass/ silver bullet studs. The SA at Barneys Coop told me this. If you like the gold studs grab it now before they sell out. It most likely won't come back. I hope this helps you decide:smile:
  3. I have a Rose Gold Darcy and I love. I get compliments every time I carry it. To each his own but I am in LOVE :smile:
  4. I think the Rose Gold is absolutely beautiful! The pinkish studs are stunninggg! I'm currently waiting for my Rose Gold Rocco to come in the mail (I think it'll be delivered tomorrow). I can't wait to wear it =)
  5. i prefer rose gold hardware over brass...even for AW bags,it is stunning and classy IMO:heart:
  6. I agree completely with the exception of the classic Black/Brass first edition. I love the RG on my Latte and it's such a perfect compliment to the leather color.
  7. how's the latte doing, no color transfer?? or you're just really careful ;) i know if it were me i'd just color transfer all over it
  8. It seems to be holding well. I had no color transfer so far but I did treat it with LMB. I know what you mean about transfer though, I try to be extra careful. Good to see you too babe:hbeat: I've been staying away so that I can behave.
  9. omg:woot: the latte + rg is like balenciaga praline + rggh , just a heavenly combination:love::heart:

    ps praline reveal coming soon:graucho: ;)
  10. You guys! I have become an Alexander Wang convert, and I am DYING....YES DYING for a rocco with rose gold studs!!!! Is it sold out everywhere???
  11. pretty much :\
  12. Ladies, just wanted to let you know that thanks to your suggestions, I called Nordstroms in Seattle today, and I was actually able to get my hands on a Latte Rocco with the Rosegold hardware. I also put myself on the wait list for the rosegold black rocco that should be arriving here in the next few weeks. Apparently the shipment that they're getting for the fall will not include the rosegold, so you might want to give them a call if interested in the rosegold?
  13. Oh my God really? You think they have any left? I am calling tomorrow!!!
    Thank you!
  14. I should mention that the latte WAS a returned item, so I'm kind of taking my chances with it, but the sales rep was very nice and assured me that I could definitely return it if I felt like something was wrong with the item. as far as the black rocco waiting list, I think there's a definite possibility of you getting one SOON though! I hope that helps :smile:
  15. Oh I actually want the latte! I am dying for that bag!!! I LOVE the combo of Latte with rose gold hardware!!!! Please post photos when you get yours and let us know how the leather is! I want to call around and try to find one!!!