Rocco with Rose Gold Hardware

  1. What do you guys think about this? Are you guys liking the rose gold or no? I have one put on hold for me until this Saturday but I can't decide if I like the rose gold enough or not.. I'd much rather prefer the brass but since it seems like they're all sold out.. I'm trying to decide if I'm okay with settling for rose gold. What do you guys think? Too pink-ish?
  2. Rose gold is stunning in real life. I actually perfer it to the balenciaga rose gold and wish balenciaga hardware was the same color.
  3. I wear gold jewelry on a daily basis and I'm kind of afraid the purse will clash? I'm just too used to black and gold together.. all my purses are black with gold hardware so that is kind of making me lean towards something different.
  4. Not for me: it(black/rose gold) looks less sophisticated than black/brass combo.
  5. i have yet to see it in person. so i have yet to say if it's a keeper..but..

    you seem really on the fence about seems like you really have your heart set on a black/brass, if it were me, it would bother me that it wasn't exactly what i wanted..kwim?

    is there no way that you want a gently used one? i posted the link on bonanz for you...
  6. I saw it in person at Barney's and I wasn't in love. It's a bit too shiny for me, which made it seem a touch less upscale. It's still a beautiful bag, but maybe you should hold out hope for the one you love?
  7. Betty, thanks for the link. I have it saved onto my computer. I would just prefer buying it in person.. I have this thing about getting an extra thrill from purchasing in person. I think I'm just too impatient so I want my purchase in my greedy little hands as soon as I buy it!

    I'm going to Barneys tonight to see the purse in real life.. I haven't seen it the rose gold in person yet so I'll see what happens. If I don't absolutely love it, I may just end up getting the one on bonanza. I've never heard of this site though, but it seems legit.

    You guys are right about not purchasing it unless I absolutely love it.. it just makes me so sad to know that the thief got away with my black/brass when I had no idea that it was sold out nationwide!!!!!
  8. adri..

    don't worry, bagbrag gave it the authentic thumbs up for the bonanza one. but yea, who might love the rose gold..either way, i hope you get something soon. i'd be livid if it were me.
  9. I contacted the seller on Bonanza to ask about the condition of the Black/Brass. I'm waiting for her response and tonight, I'll go see the Black/Rose. So much work!!
  10. I do not own a single piece of rose gold jewelry, so I think the rose gold Rocco wouldn't coordinate with my other accessories very well. If I were in the market for an AW bag, I personally would either look for an older style, or hold out until the rose gold is phased out.
  11. Yah i saw the rose gold hardware its pretty but i still need to compare the brass and rosegold side by side.
  12. i have seen them all irl. don't really like the rose gold cupcake studs with black. really prefer black and brass.

  13. I hope AW doesn't discontinue the black/brass combo. It's a classic IMO.
    Just a thought....I don't own any rose gold jewelry either, but I think it should look okay with white gold/silver.

    What do you all think of mixing metal colors?
  14. Has anyone seen the oasis and rose gold combo in person? I think it looks stunning online, but I'd love to hear some opinions or IRL shots. I feel like the contrast of the gray/blue against the rose gold could look very upscale. Speaking of, does oasis read as gray in person or more blue? Thanks, AW novice here.