Rocco vs Rockie size comparison pics

  1. Apple green? Uh oh. I'm in serious trouble :smile:
  2. I kept the zipper pulls centered. The really short straps and the lack of structure to the leather make it challenging to move the zippers. It's a two hand prop, so if you're shopping you will need to set the bag down to open/ least that's IMO.;)
  3. These pics are awesome!!! Thank you!
    Now, while the Rockie looks significantly smaller than its big brother, I still want one...I can live with the smaller size as ive gotten used to NOT filling my Rocco up, now if I can just get out of Ban-Land....:biggrin:
  4. Ah well, I stink at opening all bags so I guess it won't be much of a difference for me.. I need two hands for my Marion, Kirsten, Jane.. etc etc .. hah!
  5. I know! My tai box bag is the worst! I get the most compliments on that bag.
    The rockie is really cute. I just know I'll walk around with it open.:p
  6. i just saw that link to the rockie rainbow u posted!!! OMG!!! i'm intrigued... :p all the gorgeous bright colors... so refreshing for fall, i LOVE it!! i think a black/rg combo rockie would be TDF!!! i know gloryanh has been savin up and waiting for that combo to be released... it'll be her first AW!! :biggrin:
  7. Awww that Rockie is so cute! Although with you mentioning the awkwardness with the opening then i could see me having to just leave it open all the time (like i do with Rocco) but i am not sure that it would look as good left open due to the design of the opening???
  8. Thank you for the comparison pics, a rose gold/black combo would be perfect! As others have said, we can only hope!