Rocco, Rockie, or the Pashli?

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  1. Help me with my dilemma?

    I'm considering getting one out of the three bags in the title. And I'm really having a hard time sticking to a decision. I've done a lot of research and here are my main pros and cons for each bag. I hope someone can add insights and help me finally decide on one gorgeous bag. Btw, I'm buying the bag online, so no personal experience with any of the bags.

    I'm a university student so a good-sized bag is a must for me. It's not that I bring a lot of stuff but it's better to have more space that overstuffing my bag. I also like a handy bag I can bring when doing errands like grocery shopping, so the crossbody function is kinda important to me.

    Alexander Wang Rocco:
    - Iconic and classic, a definite must-have
    - The pebbled leather looks gorgeous even in pictures
    - The size is good for my figure (5'7" and UK16/18)
    - Comes in different colors and hardware (but I'm eyeing on the Black with Rose Gold HW)

    - The studs are intimidating (afraid that it might be too heavy, especially if filled with stuff)
    - I have a LV Speedy 35 Bandouliere and it seems they're of the same size, I really don't need another duffel bag (this con is overpowered by the classic and iconic pro)
    - The strap is too short for me, at least that's what I get from the body shots of the bag
    - Afraid it would slouch too much and leather scuffs

    Alexander Wang Rockie
    - I love the size but I'm not sure if it would fit my figure
    - Perfect spring bag (still not sure which color to get since I'm thinking of using it as a spring/summer bag)
    - I like the zipper/opening of the bag more than the Rocco, easy access to the bag
    - Same pros as Rocco in terms of color, leather, hardware, etc.

    - The size (still not sure if too small on me)
    - I don't know if it's worth the price (my friend told me I'm paying more than if I get the Rocco)
    - The straps drop/length
    - I have the Coach Mini Tanner in Black and Gold studs

    3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Medium
    - Structured
    - The size
    - Color options
    - Long strap
    - The zipped side panels

    - I'm not too impressed with the leather (at least compared to the Rocco/Rockie)
    - Kinda iffy with the closure
    - I have a MICHAEL Michael Kors Selma Satchel (again, pretty similar)

    So, yeah... you can see why I'm so stuck. Any form of advice or recommendation is absolutely appreciate! Thanks guys!
  2. The Rocco is very heavy, I tried it on and got away from it.
    The Rockie is cute but though I am 5.4ft it's too small and it wouldn't fit all my stuff.
    The Pashli is a trendy bag, I never tried it on but it's expensive for a Chinese made bag.
    The AW too!
  3. I have all three and here is what i can say to help you :
    - Rocco : very heavy and the leather is very fragile. This is not a bag i will pass on to a future daughter, doesn't age well (i have it in a light taupe w/ rose gold HW)
    - Rockie : You can still fit a lot althought it is small. The closing is great, love the shape of the zipper
    - Pashli medium : Very light empty but gets very heavy if you fill it up. fits a LOT. It is my day to day bag.
    Looking back, the one I 'regret' buyng is the Rocco. I love it but it is the one I use the least out of the 3 and the more fragile one.
  4. If youre trying to use the bag for notebooks etc the pashli is a better shape. However the closure is prone to scratches so you'll have to do the clear nailpolish trick.
  5. You have to really consider what you want to use the bag for. None of the bags you posted would work for school AND running errands. I own both the Rockie and the Pashli.

    Rocco: Large although shape is not ideal for books. Will only get heavier as you put more things in to it.
    Rockie: Not ideal for school. Very heavy for such a small bag. Will only get heavier as you put more things in to it.
    Pashli: Great structured shape for school books, can fit quite a bit in there. Too structured for every-day casual bag and doesn't look quite 'right' when worn cross-body.

    Out of all three, I would say the Rocco probably fits most of the criteria you are looking for, but even then it's not that great of a choice.
  6. I vote for rookie. Rococo is too heavy and medium pashli has weird shape... Mini pashli is however super duper cute
  7. I have the Pashli & Rockie, both in black. For reference I'm 120 lbs & 5 ft 4.

    I'd recommend the Rockie for an occasional but not everyday bag. The leather on the Rockie dries out & requires a lot of conditioning. I love the edgy look. The studs are awesome & I can wear this cross body. The zippered opening is kind of annoying & requires 2 hands.

    I have similar issues with the Pashli. It is not my favorite go to everyday bag either. The leather feels like it would take a beating but is less lux. The opening is annoying if you're opening it with one hand. The crossbody just doesn't work for me, I think because it's so structured & because the straps attach on the back.

    So as a novelty bag, both are fun. Would either be my sole everyday bag? Nope.
  8. I agree with other posters. I can't really imagine any of those choices as school bags. The AW bags are not the right shape and they're HEAVY. Even empty. Pashli would be the best choice due its shape and tough leather but I find it kind of cheaply put together, esp. for the price.

    Your Speedy B is more suited to your purpose than any of the bags you cited but it's still too round for folders/papers etc. What would probably be best is something light, durable and tote-shaped (or maybe an haute backpack if you're into those) in nylon or coated canvas or leather.