Rocco: resale potential in 2016?

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  1. Hi all! So I'm visiting my parents in my small hometown, and while stopping into the local TJ Maxx I found a lone Rocco (black lamb, rose gold hardware) on clearance for (are you ready?) $250. Yes. New, authentic, $250.

    I've obsessed over this bag since 2009 but the price has never been right, and I'm now seriously tempted. However, I have a really bad habit of delayed buyer's remorse (the kind that doesn't kick in until after the return window has passed, :P), and am concerned that, if I get my Rocco, take it home with me, and then decide I don't want it, I may have trouble reselling it. After an exhaustive search online I found a ton of Roccos for sale, but not too many actually selling (or being carried, for that matter)

    So my question is this: have any of you had luck selling Roccos recently? Is this bag still "hot" 7 years later? Will I regret not scooping up this deal on a bag I've looked at longingly for years, or is there a reason it's at this middle-of-nowhere TJ Maxx? What do you all think?
  2. Just my opinion, but in the event you had buyer's remorse I can't see you not making your money back on a NWT Rocco, even if there are a lot on the market. $250? I'd be surprised if you couldn't get more than that. Be warned though, they're heavy bags. if you have any neck/shoulder issues you may find it too much for you. If you buy it tuck the tag in rather than cutting it off and test drive it for a couple of with rose gold is a pretty combo too!
  3. Ummmmmmm girl buy the bag! Lol!
    I just recently got mine used for $400. I'm sure i can still sell it too. And it's used!!
  4. I got mine for full price in 2013. Same combination. If I ever see it for $250, I'd buy it all over again! It's $250. If you sell it for $300, you'd be making $50 right? :smile: it's a beautiful, but heavy bag.
  5. It's a great deal for a bag you really love. I'd get it.
  6. In Dec 2015 i sold mine for $820, originally i paid $950 for it, but i had it for three years. It was gently used. Point being i was able to sell mine for $820, it was listed for a month on an online site, but it sold for my asking price. I am sure if you decide later on the bag is not for you, you will easily make your $250 back and then some! Just treat her nice, not that you wont anyways, but if later on you decide to let her go, she could be in or near pristine condition :smile: I would buy and keep her it if i were you.

    I sold mine as it was a bigger bag and heavy. I did not use her much at all.
  7. Omg $250 is a super awesome deal! Grab it!!! As what the others have said, you'll definitely get your money back if you decide to resell it. If you look on eBay, nwt and even used ones sell for more than that. I was bidding on a nwt once and it ended at around $440 (highest bid).

    I've owned several roccos in a span of 5 years. It's a love-hate relationship for me. I have a tiny frame so I struggle with the weight but I just love them so I keep buying them
    again every time I see a good deal. Now, I have one I'm keeping for good although the rosegold hw tarnished for some reason :sad:

    PS I agree on keeping the bag pristine. To add, keep the dustbag and cards. For me, I prefer to buy a (used) bag if it comes with everything. It helps entice buyers.