Rocco Report - After six months...


Oct 3, 2010
When I got my Rocco, I really hesitated to take the tags off because I'd heard so many reports of poor construction/quality. After some reassurance from fellow TPF'ers, I finally took the plunge and began my love affair with this bag. :smile: I'd say that I've been carrying it about 70% of the time since springtime of 2011. I thought I'd share before and after photos of how it's worn, for those who are curious and/or concerned themselves. Before I carried it, I did two applications of Apple Leather Care conditioner, and then two applications of Apple Leather Garde protectant spray. I found that the conditioner darkened it up a bit. The leather has developed an interesting patina as it wears--some spots are darkening up more, and some spots are lightening up more. I find the effect to be very lovely with the Luggage color, though I don't know how much I'd appreciate it on certain other colors.

Brand new:

After six months:

I'd say that overall, it's held up very well! One thing about this bag is that it is highly susceptible to denim transfer. Fortunately, I only wear jeans a few times a month. But when I do, I do notice that the bag picks up some more color. I try to keep the "damage" to a minimum by always carrying the bag with the same side of the bag against my body. (So there's an "inside" against me, and an "outside" that faces out.) The "inside" (which is the side that is shown in the two photos above) doesn't look as nice--the pebbling is more worn and rubbed down, and there are the coloration issues.

Here is what the "outside" looks like after six months:

The biggest areas of wear are the handles, the strap, and the piping. The handles and the piping haven't cracked, but they're definitely looking a bit distressed.

Handles after six months. (Note the "fraying" shown in the top right corner of the photo. This is largely what all the piping looks like at this point.)

My biggest complaint about the bag is that it has cracked on the strap, on the shoulder guard piece. Not sure if I can do anything about that at this point.

One interesting thing about this bag is that I LOVED the way the leather smelled when I first got it. It doesn't smell as strongly now, but it actually still retains some of that nice leather smell. My home is smoke/pet/kid free, so I'm sure that helps, but I'm really impressed with how lovely (and thick) the leather on this bag is.

I hope these photos are of use to anyone who is considering or hesitating on this bag. I love the heck out of it, and definitely plan to continue doing so! I do definitely recommend getting a Chameleon organizer to put in it, though, because it is dark and cavernous in there, and I could never find anything in the bag before the addition of the organizer. :smile: That has also kept the lining looking really nice, still beautifully silky!

Other Rocco lovers, has your long-term Rocco experience been similar or different? Discuss!


saving. mostly.
Aug 22, 2009
I haven't had my Rocco for that long at all, but thank you for this informative post! You have a beautiful and very well-loved Rocco that's still looking gorgeous!


Take That
Dec 22, 2009
Your bag still looks like it's in good shape. I've got the Rocco in blue and I wonder if the handles could be cracking due to the temperature outside or maybe if you use hand cream and if the residue could be having an effect on the leather handles??


Nov 13, 2006
My black Rocco is doing brilliantly after about three/four months. But I rotate it with my Bal Twiggy, Burberry satchel and the inspired-by Rocco I bought in France. All I've done with it is spray with rain repellent and I've applied a coat of leather conditioner. Pity about the handles on your bag. Hope you manage to sort something out.
Oct 8, 2011
Beautiful ShimmyChick. Lovely pebbling just the way i like it. The pebblier the better for me :smile:. Such a shame the bags have problems once you start using it. This really shouldnt happen to a bag this price. I have 5 roccos. I baby all my bags but take even more care with the Rocco because of everything i've read. Even though i know this happens to the AW Rocco i still cant stop myself from purchasing. I absolutely love it.

The last one i purchased was the colour 'Spice' from Barneys but had to have it shipped because i live in the U.K. I had the loveliest SA. I wish they were as nice over here as they are in the US. She sent me many photos to choose from because i'm extremely fussy and always want the most pebbly/bubbly.