Rocco Price Increase

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  1. I don't know if anyone noticed, but the black Rocco with Rose gold has had a $50 price increase to $975. A few places still have it at $925, but I'm sure they'll be updated accordingly.
  2. Oh no I have started noticing it on the rockies too.
  3. I just pre-ordered the Royal Rocco from Nordies at $925 but I had no idea there is a price increase in the works. These were $875 about 2 years ago weren't they? At this rate, they'll be over a grand!
  4. Noooooo
    What's the price increase for the rockie? x
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    Wow ! I'm really psyched now that I've been on a mission to hunt down all of the styles/colors I wanted:smile:

    I can understand and deal with price increases when the quality also seems higher...
  6. I think at one point they were $850? it makes sense that they are raising the price, probably want to be more exclusive and not want to dilute the brand name.
  7. So far I've only noticed the increase on the black RGHW and not on any other variations. I'm guessing it's because this is the brand's flagship bag.
  8. I think there was a rockie increase in 2013 but I'm not sure.
  9. I wouldn't be too surprised...I think there was an increase from 2011 or 2012, when the latte color was first introduced in the Rocco and the price was around $875. And then last year I was planning to buy it when latte came out again but the price had gone up to $925.
    Are they following LV?? (only half joking) :P I'm sure with inflation and the popularity of these bags, it was inevitable.
  10. I find that AW's bags price increase are very sporadic. When I bought my RG with Black leather AW last year, I remember every department store had it for $925. But Barney's NY had it for $875. Since I don't have a BNY where I live, I had it price matched at Nordstrom. Not sure why their prices varies, maybe some stores still have the older models of the same bag they're trying to get rid of?