Rocco Neoprene

  1. Hi all!

    This is actually my first post here on AW, i usually in chanel and balenciaga forums lol. Lately i've been liking the style/look of the rocco. I haven't seen one in person so i need you ladies' advice/ you like the rocco neoprene? Its actually on sale right now at Saks and i'm thinking of getting it but im not too sure. The leather looks softer and smoother compare to the grainy texture rocco. If you own a neoprene, do you like it? What are the pros and cons? Are u able to wear it crossbody? For reference i am 5'5" tall. I want to be able to wear it crossbody. Thank you. :smile:
  2. Yay or nay?
  3. The dimensions and the strap length would be the same as the regular rocco so yup, you can easily wear it crossbody. :smile:
    However, its a Nay for me..part of the rocco's appeal is the pebbled leather , wouldnt be the same without it. This topic came up a few months ago when this style came out and general consensus was no-no too. :smile:
  4. Thank you rx4dsoul. :smile: you are right, it doesn't have that "look". When i first saw it, it looks like something that can be bought from urban outfitters or forever21 haha. But anyways, i really appreaciate your advice.
  5. Does the regular rocco ever go on sale?
  6. I'm curious about this bag too!

    So is the outside neoprene or leather? It said neoprene backed leather so I'm thinking the inside is neoprene? (dont really get the point but...) the bag looks really smooth - will it get scratched up quickly? Is this lighter than the regular one bc of the leather / neoprene mix and it also doesn't have the hardware studs on the bottom right? Has some other kind..?

    So many questions - thanks!
  7. Shopbop sometimes have a 20% off sale on the regular Rocco's:smile:
  8. i think Saks, Neiman Marcus, and barney's have some on sale now. no black ones (of course), but i saw online i think there was the granite or the citrus on sale.
  9. Oh cool. Thanks! :smile:
  10. Thanks! I'm gonna check them out..:smile:
  11. I may be wrong but insofar as online stalking goes...ive never seen the regular rocco (the black with classic brass bullets) go on sale. However, some merchants like shopbop etc hold episodic sales with like , say $150 off if you purchase items worth $800 or off etc and you might get lucky then.

    Other material-hardware combos of the Rocco such as suede Rocco or other color roccos with hardware other than brass are placed on sale and markdowns regularly, usually for end of season or major holiday. :smile:
  12. It has studs. Just a different kind than the silver brass or RG ones. :smile:
  13. This bag is supposed to be their lightest one made. The studs are clear acrylic if I remember correctly so it takes a lot of weight off because the normal Roccos have metal studs. You should try buying an Alexander Wang bag at the end of the season, most of them might be gone by now. You can find them typically 20-30% off. I saw some AW bags at Barneys for 40% a couple weeks ago (Diego and hobo style).
  14. I personally would wait for a pebbley leather Rocco. It slouches nicely and doesn't give that look of a duffle bag always being full (even when it's empty) because of the smooth leather. A sale price is tempting but it always feels good when you get the one you really want on sale :smile: I saw the Granite Neoprene Rocco in person and wasn't too impressed with it. It felt less alexander wang if that makes sense...good luck on your search! :smile: if you have extra time in your day, stalk the sale sections of etailers that sell wang bags. You may see a return pop up! I was late to the end of season sale and all the bags were gone from barney's, saks etc. I kept stalking the sale section of Saks and low and behold a pebbly Granite rocco popped up. Then I got an email from Saks a few days later with a 10% code and I was able to get a price adjustment! Things just work out really well sometimes :smile:
  15. I saw this bag on sale at Sak's for $400. Check the website! It probably won't last long.