Rocco made in china tag

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  1. #1 Nov 7, 2011
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    Hi Ladies

    I want to know if all Roccos suppose to have Made in China tag (old Rocco and new Rocco)?

    I own old version and new ones and I can't find Made in China tag in the new one, I'm kindof freaking out a bit but I purchased it at Shopbop so it can't be fake.

    Can someone help me solve this mystery?
  2. It's really in the piping (not easy to find).. so you might have to basically turn the bag inside out to find it.. good luck :smile:
  3. Thank you So it is for sure that all the new Rocco's have the tag too ?


  4. Yes, all bags (old & new) should have it. It's the law. However, the tag is very small and easy to miss so don't freak out yet. I needed a flashlight and to turn the bag inside out to find my tag. It was there (also bought at shop bop).

    If you are still worried and can't find it, post pictures in the 'authenticate this alexander wang' thread.
  5. Ok thank you I will turn my bags inside out and try to find it.

    Many thx
  6. Thanks littlerock, I found it :smile: I never felt so happy looking at a Made in China tag.:biggrin:

  7. Was it in a different spot? I noticed they moved the tag location last year. The first few generation tags were always in the same spot.
  8. I think they moved to it to the opposite side.
  9. Is the tag white or black? Were there ever white ones in the bag?
  10. Black, only fake AW have white MIC tags.
  11. Thanks!
  12. The price tag for Alexander Wang bag is black not white.
  13. So you are saying this bag is a fake? I don't think I've seen a black price tag before.
  14. Hi......I just sent in a photo of an Ebay bag and someone replied on this site that the price tag should be black. I know the MIC tag is black, but I have only seen white AW tags on these bags. The tags hanging off the bag are black?