Rocco in Rose Gold or Brass?


Which Rocco should I get?

  1. Rose Gold

  2. Brass

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  1. I am in the market for a Rocco, but I'm not sure if I should go with rose gold or brass. I LOVE the shininess of the rose gold, but is it too trendy? Do the studs on the rose gold scratch easily? It looks like more maintenance to me than the brass. What does everyone think? I would love some input from Rocco owners. :heart:
  2. I am a soon-to-be Rocco owner. I'm also debating on the Rose Gold or Brass bottom. Either one is nice! Brass is more edgy and Rose Gold is more classy. Have you thought of which color you want to purchase? Or will you stick to the original black?
  3. my vote is for the brass. i have black and brass and i absolutely love it. not that i don't like the rose gold version, but the studs are much more flashy and in your face. i like the subtlety of the brass. just my two cents!

    either way, you can't go wrong. awesome bag!!
  4. Thanks for the response! I am definitely going to be getting the black, just not sure about the color studs I want.
  5. I own a black with RG and it's my FAVORITE!!! The brass is gorgeous as well since its the one that started it all, but since I have rosegold I'm gonna try to convince u to get rosegold!!!! :p rosegold is everywhere right now and here to stay!!! I personally LOVE the blingy studs! But I honestly think u can't go wrong with either one!!! Let us know what u decide and please share pics when u get it!!!!
  6. ceedoan, do the rose gold studs scratch easily? I feel like since they're so shiny, they would!
  7. Brass for me, from a practical and aesthetic point of view (I prefer subtle over OTT shiny-ness). And whilst I do love how the rose gold looks against the pebbled black leather, I'd be too terrified of carrying it out for fear of scratching the gorgeous hardware.

  8. hi lv! i've had mine for a month and been carrying it every chance i get! so far so good!! i think BOTH will scratch from daily use and maybe it may just be more visible on the rosegold bc it's shinier, but again, no issues with mine yet! here's hoping it just scratches and doesn't chip!! but the studs are so hearty that i don't think u have to baby them, KWIM? I do have to mention my moment at the airport the other day.... TSA had to do a double take after Rocco went through the scanner!! :lol: the security officer had to personally inspect the studs haha - i looked over and told him it's just for decoration!! :p
  9. Hi Ladies,

    I'm new to the forum. I just received my Black w/ Rose gold Hardware today. Therefore, I'm a bit biased in my answer (Rose Gold). I was extremely pleased and excited in seeing the bag in person. The pictures on web don't do it justice
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    I voted Brass; only because my Rocco has brass. With some caveats...

    I ended up buying Tangerine; not Black as I had originally planned - and Tang has brass so the choice was made for me. My first choice before going in person, was a brass/black Rocco as I already had/have a couple of bags with RGH; and was/am still looking for my elusive GGH Bal.

    However, I do think the RGH is eye-catching, but brass matched my needs more at the time.

    ETA: I really do not think you can go wrong with either. Just my 2 cents!
  11. Thanks for all the votes + input! I just ordered my Rocco!!! I went with rose gold. :heart:
  12. YAY~!!!!! :woohoo: rosegold is the BEST!!!! i would buy mine over and over and over again!
  13. Congrats LVisLVoe!
  14. You won't regret it one bit! I just received my black/rose gold Rocco after trying to decide between RG and brass... And so glad I chose RG, it's so beautiful! :smile:
  15. I just received mine today.. the bag is really stiff and the leather on the sides of the bag is very smooth, not bubbly like I had hoped! Is this normal?