Roccia Python VP...

  1. So ive been dreaming of this shoe for a long time now. lol
    Ive been ebaying up a storm, but never come up with my size. So I figured I would there any way I can maybe special order it or find it somewhere?
    I know im not the only one drooling over them.
    Just thought I would ask.:love:

    (Pics not mine, from an old eBay listing)
  2. I'm sorry no help here... Just came by to :drool::drool::drool: with you!!
  3. Those ARE very desirable! :drool:
  4. Oh Stinas, those pics made my heart skip a beat!!! They are beyond beautiful and I would love to find a pair also!! So stunning with the wonderful red sole against the HOT python.:drool::drool::drool:
  5. I have a feeling they'll be around next season. Maybe not. I think your best bet would be to call Horatio Street and ask ...
  6. They are so beautiful, you should call the CL store you can special order as long as smth has never been sold in the boutique which would meen for example changing the color of the "tip" it's 25% more but you will have a special pair.
  7. That shoe was very rare to begin with and I don't know why the 3 CL boutiques weren't permitted to order it during summer/fall '06 when it was first released -- must have had something to do with Barneys' holding an exclusive over that style (at least amongs the "major players"....Barneys does have leverage like that even with other designer houses, e.g. a YSL boot in a certain color that was exclusive to them this past fall and YSL boutiques in the US couldn't carry it even though clients/buyers all wanted it). So in the US only Barneys got it along with another high-end designer specialty store in Texas. Of course it sold out almost instantly. BG got the NPrive version of that shoe during spring/summer '06 but those are sold out also. BG currently has the nPrive Roccia Python in the 70mm version.
  8. So can you special order a shoe if a department store has exclusivity? Good question ... I wonder ...
  9. BTW, they've been popping up on Ebay every once in awhile. I think if you're patient, you could score some there. I've also noticed they are auctioned for around retail, so no major mark up.
  10. As much as I understood when I talked to the CL SA you can NEVER special order a shoe version (exact color/style) that has already beed released in CL's stores US departmentstores etc...but if you can change the combination becomes possible. In store they have a book with all styles colors, materials available and they can tell you pretty quickly what can be done and what can't, best thing is to call or stop by.
  11. This is recent, you used to be able to special order ANY style you wanted, if the material was available, no matter where it was sold. They changed the policy recently once CL become SO popular. Good luck with your search.
  12. OMG, those are so beautiful!!! GL, hope you get them.
  13. They do? :nuts: I just checked online and did not see anything. Are they in store only? I am also in love with these shoes and trying to be patient to see if they pop up anywhere. I would go for the 70mm heel, to make them even more wearable.
  14. ^^Cristina, I think that shoe is only in store at this point. It has a bright red tip, I just wish that it was a higher heel. I am sure that they are very comfy because of the 70mm heel.
  15. I LOVE these! Good luck in your search! The 70mm sound great, too!