Robynbenz IS up for Sainthood!!

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  1. I can hardly believe it. I have been looking for a Navy Ramona and had all but given up. Then --- out of nowhere --- Robyn writes that she actually found one on Bluefly, popped it in her shopping cart, got a DEAL on it and will forward it over to me as soon as she gets it!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:I have looked EVERYWHERE for this bag:wlae::wlae:I called outlet stores in England, wrote to Jimmy Choo asking about this color being released again, looked at NUMEROUS eBay sites to see many a fake or overused bag, and dear, sweet Robyn sees this bag and remembers my ongoing quest! Saint Robyn strikes! :heart::heart: I will attempt (once again) to post a picture as soon as I can. I can hardly wait for next week.
    Saint Robyn 4-Ever!!!
  2. :yahoo: Yay for Robyn, Queen of :choochoo:
  3. That's wonderful!!! Congratulations to you blondecat. Robyn, that was soooo thoughtful and sweet.
  4. You are ALL too Kind:shame: Like I said to blondecat, "We Jimmy Choo :heart: have to look out for each other":party:
  5. I am now on my way out to find matching navy sandals! (hey Robyn, --- is it almost Monday??):yahoo::smile::heart:

    I'm still SO thrilled and in utter disbelief of all of this, I am trembling!! (lord, our addictions are serious!)
  6. Blondecat -- CONGRATULATIONS on tracking down the elusive blue Ramona!! I have loved all the pictures I have seen of it, and I can't imagine how excited you must be!! :yahoo:

    Robyn -- You're the absolute best for thinking about a fellow tPFer!! Karma to you! :flowers:
  7. Hey Blondecat, I tried calling Bluefly this morning to see if I could get them to ship your bag directly to you, but it is already at the warehouse and on it's way out the door:Push: So good news is it might show up sooner than we thought and I will send it to you Priority express mail:okay:

    I forgot, did you find any shoes to go with your new :heart:baby:girlsigh:
  8. I didnt' find any sandals today, but tomorrow I go to Nordstrom's and it ought to be a hit for sure! I'm thinking I'll need at least three pair of sandals... Oh, I did find the cutest top today in NAVY... wish Jimmy Choo made narrower shoes... I have already told three of my friends about wonderful Robynbenz!! And the bag already left the warehouse?!! I am SO excited! :yahoo::yahoo:What a way to start off the day -- hearing that the oh-so-elusive Navy Ramona is actually in existence and has my name on it!! If we dont' meet sooner in Milwaukee, lunch is on me as soon as you get back to Chicago:okay:!!! How did any of us ever survive without the Purse Forum and the great women on it?
  9. awwww what a nice thing to do!!! truely noble
  10. Oh Blondecat:girlsigh: you are truly too kind:heart: I hope you have better luck tomorrow at Nordies:tup: You have to have matching shoes........ :supacool:
  11. What a sweetheart!
    That's great!
  12. Wow! That is so, so nice of you, Robyn! :yes:

    Can't wait to see pics!
  13. Blondecat, congrats on your Navy Ramona. Looking forward to pics. =)

    Robynbenz, you rock! =)
  14. Wonderful!
  15. Robynbenz is a saint!!! What a kind thing to do.