Robyn made me do it!

  1. I'm in trouble now...I saw Robyn's burgundy Ring bag and it put me over the top! :drool: I called her SA Casey and she found a Radiant in burgundy for me!! I , of course ordered it...I'm hidin' the bill this month for sure. It will have the Maddy and my Kurung wallet on it as well. :wlae::yahoo:
    We need a smilie for "sneaky"
    Thanks Robyn! (Please don't buy any more bags..)
  2. Congrats!!! Did you buy the matching wallet:graucho: You should actually blame Samantha, she was the one who made me want one:drool:
  3. Congrats - that burgundy color is just gorgeous! I think all our credit cards are smoking this month from all the great sales!
  4. I can also (at least partly) blame Robyn for getting my Ring bag... Hope I get it tomorrow...

    Damn, I also feel like getting a Ciggy right away... Well, maybe next month! :devil:

    Talkin' 'bout smoking credit cards, ey? :whistle:
  5. Jmcadon, CONGRATS on the burgundy Radiant!! :yahoo: You will definitely have to unveil it on here so we can see this great beauty on you.

    Robyn and Samantha both made me a fan of other JC bags as well. For example, I had not considered the Ring bag when it came out, but all of that changed when I saw each of them so elegantly model theirs. The troy is another bag that I had overlooked . . . until I saw pics posted on here. This really is dangerous territory. :yes:
  6. I've been thinking about the Ciggy too ... if any modeling pics turn up on this forum, I'm done for!!
  7. Congratulations jmcadon on your new Radiant:drinkup:. It is a beautiful bag, can't wait to see your pictures! Sounds like you did really well during the sales:tup:.
  8. Congrats jmcadon on your Ring bag. I love the color and the leather, and I have the same color/material in the Ramona.

    Yes, Robyn is a bad influence! :graucho: Between her and Samantha, there is no hope for my kid going to college without debt.
  9. Thanks Guys! I hadn't bought a new Choo bag since last year so I was due! I have some of the older ones which I love...Rhona, Tashe, and a silver and glitter canvas Meta large hobo that I absolutely love for summer.
    I'm not a big fan of Ramona, or large bags so when I saw Maddy I fell hard!
    I'm gonna have to find the pictures of all your collections!:heart:
  10. I would love to see photos - I know that is a gorgeous bag - congrats!
  11. OMG!! My Burgundy Radiant arrived today :yahoo:
    It is soooo gorgeous...what a great color! Thank you Robyn for sharing pics and making me go nuts and buy this bag.:yahoo: I can't wait till fall, it will look perfect with jeans (about all I wear) I'll post some pics tomorrow. :wlae::yahoo:
  12. You are so Welcome! This is like Christmas in July:yahoo: I absolutely love the Maddy and now I am looking forward to seeing your modeling pictures with the Radiant bag. Like I said in the other thread "Lets see some legs":woohoo::woohoo:
  13. You guys are so funny!
    Congrats on your new JC!

    Robyn, you're totally right...
    It's like x-mas in July.
    I may need to have an annual 1/2 way celebration yearly!
  14. I guess I have Samantha to blame for all this madness as well...I was back on this A.M...:nuts: I think I need an intervention.
    Hello, my name is Janis and I am a Choo-aholiic!!!